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The use of the internet among the youth fosters social cohesiveness Essay

The use of the internet among the youth fosters social cohesiveness - Essay ExampleWhile or so of the adult population continues to admonish the youths for their addiction to the internet, the platform creates an effective platform for interaction among the group hence fostering social cohesiveness. The internet among many other telecommunication developments have succeeded in making the human being a global village and so everywherecoming the geographical barriers that had impaired human interactions. The use of the internet in the contemporary society coupled with the use of the social network sites such create a realistic society in which the youths interact and widen their networks thus sharing social values most of which they designate to the actual society thus creating a cohesive society as the essay below portrays. The push shared among most parents about the internet is that the platform has nor effective regulation and therefore demonstrates the users to unedited satisfy most of which derail morality in the society. Such parents fear that their children would therefore acquire undesirable sort pattern from the internet and lose morality. The internet is indeed creates a cosmopolitan society by pooling mint from diverse backgrounds together. Additionally, the internet is an unorthodox media that operates on the pull technology. Unlike the traditional media, internet places the power of natural selection and censure on the hands of the user. The user thus determines the confines to access and those to censure. Such propertys present challenges curiously with the adolescent a group of hyperactive individuals always willing to experiment especially with their sexuality (Agosto and June 55). given over the nature of the internet and the resources it pools together, the platform may prove detrimental especially to the young population. The internet creates a virtual reality in which the user determines his or her social grouping without the restriction or demarcation of space. Young users therefore become exposed to corruptible and unedited content. Additionally, the internet presents the user with millions of users from all over the world. The social media have succeeded in creating a virtual society on the internet. At such, the internet presents the users with unnumberable of characters who enjoy the beneficial features of the internet such as anonymity and may therefore post whichever content they deem fit without any form of censure. As such, the internet thus becomes the greatest deterrent feature to the psychiatric hospital of cohesive and ethical societies. Despite the valid concerns raised by most parents and opponents of the idea to expose the youth to the internet, the internet still poses the features capable of developing responsive behavior among the youths thus contributing to the creation of cohesive societies. Just as explained earlier, the internet creates virtual societies by drawing participants from all over the world. Additionally, the intensifier interaction on the internet has succeeded in turning the world into a global village in which anyone anywhere is accessible and communication is therefore real-time. Among the key factors that people exchange over the internet is grow, culture refers to way of life including sets of human behavior, their attire, dietary and religion among others. The internet is the most effective platform on which the users interact and share views on disparate social views on a global platform. In the different chat rooms, users inform each other of the latest developments in different parts of the world thus increasing the users understanding of the world and their societies (Lupa 30). Peace and unity are social and ethnic concepts referring to the cohesive societies in different par

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Personal background Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal background - Essay ExampleChoosing to seek a line of achievement in business was a mistake. I start always found great satisfaction in helping, supporting and caring for others. I also am very curios about the medical field and endure a desire to gain medical knowledge. After finishing my studies, I could see that a locomote in Business would not provide this but a armorial bearinger in Nursing would. Although I was aware that I did not want to pursue a career in Business, I did not want to end my studies as I am a very committed to finish in whatever I have started. This is why I finished school with a Business degree. antecedent to hireing Business, I gained four years of care experience in a nursing photographic plate for the elderly. This is where my love for caring and looking after vulnerable people developed. My people skills have significantly better throughout my years working as a carer. I have gained excellent skills that help me fetch with people from di verse backgrounds and with people who have hearing or mental health disabilities. I have also gained experience in dealing with emotionally and physically demanding patients. A key skill in this process is observing behaviour change in patients. I believe I can convert my experiences and skills in this area towards my Adult Nursing study. My role as a healthcare worker gnarled caring for people with ageing related illnesses such as neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases, joint illnesses and cancer. I was designate to observe five service users as a nurse and key worker as well. I worked closely with health care professionals such as district nurses, general practiti onenessrs and social workers. My duties included pen out care plans, recording changes in needed care and interacting with the family members of the service user. These duties have given me inseparable skills in promoting privacy and dignity whilst enhancing independence for the service receiver. Giving excellent person-centered care has always been one of my highest priorities. Through my work, I have managed to obtain a NVQ 2 in health and social care and other certificates such as Recorded and Administered Medication, four mean solar day training in Dementia criminal maintenance and five day training for End of Life Care. I have obtained these certificates while working as a carer and studying for my HND business degree at the same. I found this challenging to combine my study with full time work, however, it has made me realize that I am a determined individual who is intense to work hard in order to achieve my goals. I truly enjoy working as a carer and working with people. I believe that I will have the same affection when I become a nurse. I believe nursing is a form self-enrichment and inherently rewarding work. The spring why I want to progress further from health care worker to Nurse is because during my work, I always felt the need to take on more responsibilities and showed curiosity in gaining in-depth medical/healthcare knowledge. I am excited to begin studying in an Adult Nursing course and I will most definitely enjoy applying the theory learned in class. I have chosen the Adult Nursing BSc because I have the option to specialize in many different areas of healthcare, therefrom giving me a variety of choices when the course is completed. Adult Nursing is the ideal career choice for me as it enables me to study something that I am not only interested in but passionate about, ensuring that day in, day out, I will know that I have a career in which I can truly make a

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Crowd safety by design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Crowd safety by design - Essay role modelThis depart make the people in the concert to be in good safety.thither ordain also be the management structure which volition provide all the details needed for the plan of the design. This will organize on how the three sides of the concerts will be designed and the front hall be organized.When everything is well analyzed and planned, implementation of the crowd and safety will be given the first priority. This is a stage that will be very critical and it will be well analyzed by the team which will be in control. Under the implementation, there will be numerous proposals that will be forwarded to the crowd and safety team of the concert giving them the chance for them to choose from the best plans.There will be an understanding between all the parties when creating a design model of the concert. The roles and responsibilities of all the members entangled in the process will be well analyzed and noned. This will lead to the creation of the averment of intent (SOI). The crowd manager is not supposed to control everything in the project and he should not be responsible of every responsibility because there are other seat levels that are responsible. SOI will be responsible for allocating responsibilities to the right levels in the management of the crowd and safety creation. It will assign a leader the only required responsibilities and omit the unrequited ones. In the design of the crowd management, there will be specific references and legislation that will be required giving a systemic implementation that will be very legal.Functions will be drawn that will be very fundamental in the design where there will a thorough control over the stages and each of them with bring in to the creation of strategic, tactical and operational design processes of the concert seats which will be successful in the design. All the commands and control functions will be well

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Alternatives to Incarceration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Alternatives to Incarceration - Assignment ExampleHistoric ally, this has not always been true following some inmates avail prison term for their third or even fourth time. This shows that the system on itself is not very effectual because any form of punishment should be aimed at punishing and also rectifying the offender. In addition, the idea of religious service time in prison has been the norm to most criminals who have previously served time. Some of the incarcerations act as reunions of the offenders with their friends and acquaintances already in there.Adding to the reasons is the increase rate of corruption which make it possible for well of individuals serving time in prison make deals with the prison guards enabling them hitherto to run their business and gangs while still in confinement. This, therefore, shows the level of inefficient in the incarceration system. Herivel & Wright (2009) clearly show the level of corruption in the criminal system and who profits from mass incarceration.Economically, the cost of constructing and running these confinement facilities is usually very high. consort to Petteruti et al. (2009), the average cost of maintaining an inmate held in state-funded, post-adjudication and residential facilities is $240.99 per day. This translates to huge sums of tax-payers money that could be used elsewhere if cheaper and effective forms of punishments were used instead.Furthermore, this act of imprisonment directly results to societal poverty. For instance, the detachment of supposed income earners or colewort winners from their family also creates an economic challenge. Those left by the denounce must adjust and learn to live without the convicts contributions. This can lead to increased crime rate as those left behind adjudicate to satisfy their basic needs. Besides, the conviction of individuals lowers their chances of resuming their current jobs or even getting any jobs at all leads to a cycle of poverty in the

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Sustainable Development in the UK and the Netherlands Essay

Sustainable Development in the UK and the Netherlands - examine ExampleNetherlands have extracted and prioritised the demographic factor about world population, a knowledge based economy, efficacy consumption and mobility, sustainable peeing consumption and biodiversity functioning in the earths ecological balance (NSDO, Feb 2002) It is just because of the whole caboodle of well-known sources of market failure, that the economy is left to its own devices for under supply or ignoring the environmental goods and services that make up sustainable development, such as clean air and water, parks, wilderness habitats, water levels, and architectural plant diversity (Scott et al, 1995, p. 4). The sphere of influence I have chosen for analysing sustainability is the water management.UK realises the way we survive today i.e., we drink and breathe a carbon constrained and water constrained world. This is the reason for why UK has recently proposed the Eco-towns Prospectus that requires sustainable water development as a whole should reach zero-carbon standards. The Future Water Strategy as forwardness in March 2008 for England plans the decisions of UK Government to set for water in the future and the practical steps that forget need to be taken to ensure that clean water is available for the people to drink. The current plan of 2008 looks forward towards 2030 in order to examine the water cycle that have a profound effect, from pelting and drainage procedures to discharge and treatment (TCPA, 2008a).Flood Risk New development is going on in terms of managing flood risk in which sequential testing method is planned to be applied. In this case Planning Policy Statement is applicable and requires development away from the area that is subjected to highest flood risk. and so technical assessment is necessary in context with FRA (Flood Risk Assessment), where assessment easily identifies the main factors behind potential risks involved with the surface water drain age and sewer flooding, therefore the development should fulfill all(prenominal) the requirements for a sustainable master plan. UK now being aware of the possible threats of floods have managed eco-towns to clearly render innovative approaches so as to minimise the loss of flood risk while taking into paper all those longer-term impacts of climate change that somehow directly or indirectly influences the lifetime development of water management. This has provided the UK water management some options like identifying the possible opportunities to reserve enough space for water habitude while strategically locating green space for flood storage in times of flood, exploitation conveyance and Sustainable Drainage Systems and recreating functional flood plains. This way the various flood zones work in accordance with the communities to improve their performance and vigilance so that in circumstances where exceptional flood occur, an eco-town suffers the least impact.Sustainable Dra inage Outcomes (SUDS) A new technique incorporated by eco-towns is the SUDS that incorporate workable and cost-effective solutions by debaring or reducing the need for hard engineering solutions. In order to avoid the threat of eco-towns exploitation, various planning authorities work in collaboration with planning and legal agreements to watertight the implementation of SUDS. The SUDS

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Crop Insurance Proposal Could Cost U.S. Billions PowerPoint Presentation

Crop Insurance Proposal Could Cost U.S. Billions - PowerPoint Presentation ExampleYet separate farmers reflect that they should produce enough get dressed that is actually capable of supporting subsides since the drift market thrives because of subsidies itself.In order to compete in the international arena, the plains of Dakota and Montana are slowly being converted to crop fields while they once were the abode of birds. There is a gigantic increase in the prices of the farming while the grasslands are being transformed to fields. The real estate business is thriving leaps and bounds, since, everyone is eager to bargain for the land for farming. Farmers are guaranteed a profit even though the land is not so potent and there is a definite essay of loss.It is also true that the government shows neutral approaches regarding taking the risk while the farmers prefer to be risk averse (Dinar 1994).According to a Government Accountability Office, the costs of the crop insurance prog ramme have augmented since the raise in the value of the crops. Despite the cost issues attached to the insurance programme, it is still widely appreciated by the masses of

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Threats Posed to the European Union by Al-Qaeda Militia Operating from Research Proposal

Threats Posed to the European Union by theme Militia Operating from Northern Africa - interrogation Proposal ExampleResearch Methods. b. Advanced Arabic and French. c. Six years of legal research skills as a lawyer. d. Islamology. e. History of the Middle and North Africa. 2.2 The Discipline to Which the Project Relates This reserch project relates to the discipline of history and governmental science in fact, this discipline has a significant relation rediscovering the past and retelling history. There ar legion(predicate) works that have been developed in the discipline of historical reflection. Furthermore, political sceince is self-understanding on issues regaridng interlationships between countries and activities by a group within a country that has effect on other countries. 3. RESEARCH endure 3.1 Description of Research Topic This project focuses on exploring issues regarding terrorism operations in fact, there be theories, which are developed by this study, which are f ocused on fostering understanding of terrorism studies. On the other hand, this study borrows ideas from other related fields and theoretical ideas in relation to terrorism activities or assorted groups such as Al-Qaeda militia. This study features a litrature which focuses on a given thought is is applied on the basis of a guess focused on studying terrorism. This study willing focus on studying drawing applicable ideas in the field of Jihadist terrorism, which will be base on religious background of Islam. Therefore through this ideas, the reseach will focus on achieveing the following objectives a. Objectives i. search the problem caused by Al-Qaeda militia terrorism operations and challenges that are posed to European coutries. ii. empower a discussion concerning these problems based on the thories such as anarchism and jihad. iii. The research will focus on identifying other possible reasons that can be associated to Al-Qaeda militia terrorism against European coutries. iv. Establish relevant counter terrorism operations and strategies to facilitate protection of citizens living in these European countries. In cast to achieve the first objective, the reserch will focus on drawing relevant ideas from the two theories and perspectives that have been equanimous in political science class. In this case, the first dimession will involve application of anarchism theory, which was advance by Karl Heinzen and Johann Most, who are the main proponents. The research will apply the Jihad perspective to explore issues regarding terrorism in fact, this theory is atributed to Muslim extremists. The second objective will be achieved by beginning to focus on anarchism theory, based on the way it is presented through a broad range of issues that offer a definiton and differentiaton of various forms of the theory. For instance, the these forms of anarchism include individual anarchism, mutual anarchism and collective anarchism (Berkman 35). On the other hand, the research will explore the theory of Jihad, which concerns a term that is used on Islam to describe the holy war or fighting in the ways of Allah (Rawshandil and Chadha 13). Therefore, this research will also seek to identify ways through which these terrorists have apply the theory of anarchism and Jihad to cite reasons for their attacks. The research will focus on idenitfying other reasons cited by Al-Qaeda militia tojustify their operations in Northern Africa aimed at attaking European countries. For instance, there are notion that Christians are perceived to have a negative perception against Islamic

Did the Treaty of Versailles make World War II inevitable Essay

Did the Treaty of Versailles make cosmos War II inevitable - Essay ExampleEvidently, such thing could hardly urinate happened unless the establishment was initially flawed, and precisely those flaws might be amongst the key reasons for the outbreak of cosmos War II.More than sixty years since the end of knowledge base War II, the causes of the overwhelming military event continue to produce intense discussions among scholars. The debate revolves around such issues as the nature of German policy in the 1930s, the role of the Soviets in the outbreak of the war, the date which can actually be considered the beginning of the Second World War, a policy of appeasement conducted by the UK and France towards Ger more, which allowed the latter to fully recover and accumulate power, competition for resources between the European powers, etcetera However, neither of these causes and preconditions that undoubtedly played a role in setting up the scene for World War II can be properly unde rstood without analysis of the system that shaped policy-making life in Europe during the two pre-war decades.The Versailles System was the structure of peace in Europe realized during the Peace Conference of 1919 the system took its name from the main treaty signed during the conference, the Treaty of Versailles (Henig 1995). The Versailles System replaced the Bismarckian Alliance system to govern Europe until World War II. Despite being commonly address as the system of European peace, the Versailles System apparently failed to fulfil its noble mission the story of the causes of World War II is largely the story of this political systems failure.DiscussionOne of the first attempts to analyze the pre-war developments in Europe from a non-traditional stance was made in 1961 by A. J. Taylor. The authors main argument was that Hitlers aggressive external policies during the 1930s owed a debt to the political situation in Europe as well as the policies conducted by separate European powers within the framework of the Versailles System. In Taylors opinion, Hitler was not actually driven by the Nazi political theory of expansionism but performed as a typical German statesman who cared about strengthening the country and reestablishing it as the leading European power (Taylor 1996). Such controversial point of view produced a wave of curt criticism with Taylor being accused of trying to whitewash the Nazi leader. However, the reality was that no solid arguments could be found to dismiss Taylors point of view that the Versailles System might be one of the major fore causes of World War II. The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 - 1920 brought together the most influential people in the world whom determined the political situation not only in Europe but crossways the globe at that time. The Prime Minister of Great Britain, the President of the United States, the Prime Ministers of France, Italy, Australia and Canada, the Queen of Romania, and many other national l eaders spent almost six months debating the outcomes of World War I as well as economic and political implications of that conflict for each country involved. The overall outcomes of the Conference have been usually labelled as failure because the treaties signed during the Paris

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Comparisons And Differences In Intention By The 1960s& 1990s Musicians Essay

Comparisons And Differences In Intention By The 1960s& 1990s Musicians - Essay ExampleHe mainly foc apply on things that touch great deal around him and then wrote good lyrics or had them written down by good songwriters for him to sing. He was innate(p) in Gary in 1958, at a place called Gary, Indiana in the United States. His father, Joseph capital of Mississippi was a guitarist but had to give up following his marriage. Michael Jackson had several nicknames e.g. The Gloved One, Wacko Jacko, MJ and fairy of Pop. Apart from entertaining through singing, he also had dancing skills which gave a trademark. In his black shoes, unclouded socks and trousers above heel, he showcase the moonlight walk style. His hit heal the world resulted to a Foundation which helped collect silver to purchase foods medical supplies to the then war torn Sarajevo, running of immunization drug abuse educational programmes ,paying childs liver transplants in Hungary. He also did We are the world with Lion el Richie, a co-writer and other musicians like Stevie Wonder. The song was a call to everyone in the world to come out and give aid to people in Africa. The income generated was used in buying essential necessities for people in Africa mainly. Former Americas president Ronald Reagan wanted to award him with a Humanitarian Rights Award together with other two but, a Chief Justice of the Supreme greet advised against the whole idea, saying it was much worthy of a pop star. His music also educated people, black or white was a song done to inform that skin color did non really matter, whether black or white, there was an equal access to rights at that time when there was tension between blacks &whites. Bellie jean was a ballad, telling a story astir(predicate) how a certain make fun impregnated a particular lady and later on denied it. These are things that do happen day in day out to people we know in our societies. It plays the role of an eye-opener (Michael Jackson.com, 2008). Using different song themes, a wide range of ideas were spread to all parts of the world.Beat it was used in commercials against drunk driving. The intentional was to express changes in lifestyles, warn of the likely dangers and the same time bring fun through the classical beats. Jackoas he was sometimes referred to remains to be one of the greatest artists of all times. As a general scene of a musician, he did perform songs in praise of women who got him charmed such as you rock my world. Michael Jackson was able to achieve a lot through music. He was the first solo artist to ca-ca no.1 hits and albums in the billboard charts. As a result this won him fame and recognition globally. He managed to appear in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the best singers/dancer. When the U.S invaded Iraq, MJ decided to do an anti-war song to show his dislike of the motivate and as well represent others with the same opinion. The song title was weve had enough. Though little was done abou t the invasion, at least it showed that people were watching or rather following (Michael Jackson.com, 2008). The second artist am going to highlight about is Stevie Wonder, I chose because of his uniqueness and the ability to sing& play an instrument,

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Discusses the nature of contemporary societal problems in general and Essay

Discusses the nature of contemporary societal problems in general and Dubai in particular (two to three pages) - Essay ExampleEven though the pollution problem cannot be considered clean and is apparently diminishing at bottom the substantial world, it is still a rapidly growing problem globally and its most common effect today being global warming and unpredictable live patterns. The rapid population growth is yet another problem and is considered as the side effect of advancements in improved life expectancy and diminished child mortality rates. The rapid population growth has format a lot of strain on the available resources and some of the recent wars can be coupled to fighting over control over limited resources.Dubai has in the recent years rapidly developed to become a prototype of a modern city. Dubais advancements have of cause come with a lot of modernization advantages but have at the same time come with major disadvantages to the society. Among the problems go thro ugh today is prostitution which involves adults and unfortunately, children too (Mooney, Knox & Schacht, 2008). There have been a few cases of children being abducted from other part of the world and smuggled into Dubai to serve in prostitution rings.While thither have been recent attempts to this vice, there still remain wide areas within the city where the vice goes on unchecked especially within low class hotels and parking lots where the police rarely intervene (Davison, 2008). Dubais successful degage port is a haven for human traffickers and has provided them with an opportunity to do carry on with their illegal great deal and in most cases, go unpunished. Dubais human trafficking trade has flourished to a point where Dubai is regarded as a major human trafficking centre.The large heterogeneous expatriate population, combined with Dubais attempts to create a friendlier purlieu for foreign tourists and investors has resulted in major erosions of some important components of the society in Dubai. Dubai is mostly made up of Muslims and the cases of binge drinking and

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Matriarchy versus Patriarchy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Matriarchy versus Patriarchy - Research Paper ExampleSuch a society implies male privilege and rule, and entails wo handss subordination (Asadi 4). Most patriarchal societies ar as well patrilineal, indicating that tho males inherit the title and property. Women, in a patriarchal society are matriarchal. On the other hand, matriarchate is a social system in which women or older females are the headers of their families. In such societies, women envision relationships and descent and they play major roles in the government. Currently, many religions believe that males should be the leaders in their families and society and both children and women must obey to their authorities (Asadi 72). The main purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast how women are presented, treated and importance in disparate religious. The content of this paper compares and contrasts women treatment in Islamic and Christian religions. Women treatment in Christianity and Islam Religions Throughout t he religious history, men believe that they are more superior to women in most diverse religions (Eller 121). Is this belief true in Islam or Christianity religions? In Christianity view, a womans role is different from other religions since their roles are check to those of males. In Galatians chapter 3 verse 28, Apostle Paul writers, in Christ there is neither female nor male in Christ, Greek or Jew all human beings are equal before Christ. However, the two religions take up expressively denied accepting the significant roles that women can influence in the society. contempt the advent of civilization, the prevalence of male chauvinism has served to suffice the importance of women in the society. Majority of the people profession the two religions hold that women are subjects to their husbands and they can never be equal. Similarities In both religions of Islamic women and Christian women, worship is a vital part of their responsibilities although the reasons behind this worsh iping differ. Women from Islamic religion worship by adhering to a schedule of prayer and fasting, therefore, after their death, their good actions and ability to keep the Islamic laws, will enable the women take down paradise (Kanra 111). While Islamic men in Paradise are assured the company of mingled virgins for their pleasures, Koran does non offer much information for those women who afford their way in. It is evident that Islamic men derive the assurance that they will dominate the women in paradise since it is the case on earth man still the women are knowledgeable of passing into paradise as virgins to become subjects to their men. On the other hand, Christian women love God because He initially showed love to them. God offered is only beloved son, Jesus Christ, to foul on the cross for the sinners since they were unable to earn any of the heavenly grace. Similarly, Christian women worship God with praying and fasting, but this is practiced in response to Gods commandm ents, and not for earning Gods choose (Kanra 42). A Christian woman is always aware of the awesome ease of acquiring Gods favor. As Jesus Christ said in John chapter 3 verse 16, whoever believes in me shall not perish, but have everlasting living. Christian women worship and praise the Lord to enable them to sneak in the Kingdom of heaven after death. Further, Christian women abide by Biblical teachings in order to travel by Gods favor and become certain of the resurrection after death and acquisition of eternal life in paradise. In both religions, women play a major role of taking care of their husbands and children. They have the role of preparing and serving meals for their husbands and children. Women are only supposed to concentrate with home duties such as

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Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 9

Assignment - Essay ExampleFor running a nursing home, a building block can be treated as apostrophize of a bed, payment to employees and other such services. Therefore, operating(a) expenses includeLean Cost Management is another approach to financial measurement that makes mess up and the cost it creates visible, and hence actionable, wherever and whenever it occurs in an organization (Hobbs, 2011). Following this approach, a business can very(prenominal) well eliminate excessive transaction costs, re-ordering costs minimize inventories and all other unnecessary costs involved. The lean cost management technique brings into notice all excessive costs and helps the business to nullify it accordingly. It foregrounds the required agility with which the level of production can be increased as well as the cost that can be reduced without hampering quality of products. Its aim is to reduce seven forms of wastages in manufacturing make by any business, like, unsold inventory, which i s considered as overproduction as per this method. Lean costing technique is a perfect example of costing in an agile environment.There are various expenses that are incurred by a business. These overheads expenses can be effortlessly allocated by using lean cost management and operating costing technique. Based on these techniques, expenses for each overhead incurred by a business can be noticed more prominently and allocation of funds can be done in an good and methodological manner. These cost management techniques allow a business to forecast the cost and lessen it as per necessity.Therefore, the technique that Hugh Knock had decided for Pedros business was rightly the operating costing and lean cost management method (Gupta, 2009). According to Knock, this method will help Pedro to find out the unnecessary unit cost involved in his future business and curb it accordingly. Hugh also stated the necessity of bigger business to allocate the cost per unit of their service. He made the statement

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Business Analysis of Wal-Mart Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business analysis of Wal-Mart - Research Paper ExampleCurrently, Wal-Mart has about 4,573 incloses worldwide along with 730,000 associates that are evident in the framing of their presence in fourteen countries (Vatalyst, 2012). In Canada, Brazil, Argentina and United Kingdom, Wal-Mart has wholly owned operations tour it has several joint ventures in China along with some majority owned subsidiaries. In some(prenominal) international stores, Wal-Mart operates under various banners with one aim that is to proffer best quality products at wretched prices so that customers behind save money and live a better life as well. The main(a) idea behind the establishment of Wal-Mart was to provide high quality branded products at funky prices. In fiat to seduce low prices, the company take cares that the cost is kept to a minimum take aim with the assistant of excellence in warehousing as it has developed cordial relations with its suppliers and advancements in information engin e room have helped the store to ensure that inventory level is properly maintained (Piercy, Cravens & Lane, 2010). Economic trends influencing business Wal-Mart has been gravely impacted by scotch recession and increase in costs of transportation and utilities. The second describe forecast of corporation reported that the share prices are lower and profits also reduced substantially as compared to first quarter profits (Cheng, 2012). Lately, shares of Wal-Mart went down to $56.74 which meant it reduced by 2.2%. Other costs that have impacted Wal-Marts sales are increase in commodities and fuel cost as a result product placement and transportation became one of the major areas of concern for the store. The number of economic worries for consumers has change magnitude significantly i.e. from gasoline prices that have overtakeed highest prices to housing and credit markets that have declined radically. Such economic downturns have unnatural the spending power of budget conscious consumers who prefer to shop from Wal-Mart rather than do bargaining for their shopping. Since economic recession has impacted lives of USA consumers, they are now shifting to Wal-Mart for shopping at low prices (Cheng, 2009). In order to cut down its cost, Wal-Mart has controlled its promotional activities as it needs to maintain certain profit level so that it can survive in such financial distressful situations. Wal-Mart still uses its tagline Save Money. run Better and in order to reinforce this image it has expanded into generic drug prescription program. Currently, store is offering 90 days supplies of about 350 medications for $10 and also $4 over-the-counter drugs so it can expand its sales of pharmaceutical products and even bolster its store traffic. Strategies and Tactics used by Wal-Mart for addressing the changes Since Wal-Mart wants to reach more customers and observing that industries are getting global, Wal-Mart launched its website in 2010. It consolidated all its E-commerce activities worldwide into one ball-shaped E-commerce Division (Parker, 2012). The primary objectives of this Division comprise of developing and executing a global strategy for E-commerce provide acceleration for global growth of online channel and creation of technological platforms and applications for every market of Wal-Mart. In order to address the global changes that are taking place, Wal-Mart has revised its business strategies to incorporate these alterations in the market and ensure that they are aligned with organizations main goal of providing superior quality products at low prices.

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Consumer Health Information Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Consumer Health Information - Coursework ExampleA major advantage of using the internet is its proportional cheapness that allows many people to access cultivation about their health and oppositewise checkup issues they would equivalent to know about without having to pay the high consultation fees that are charged by many doctors and other specialists. Conversely, a major impairment of using the internet to search for medical information pertains to the credibility of more or less of the web pages. This is because some of the web pages are created by people without the appropriate amount of knowledge in the topic they discuss in those web pages. The use of the internet provides empowerment to the users as they are capable to get information pertaining to various health issues they seek to know quickly and cheaply. This saves them both time and money and enables them to make various decisions that better their lives.This paper provides valuable information pertaining to the u se of the internet to search for medical information as well as a major advantage and disadvantage of using the internet. As noted, the internet is indeed a cheap and quick extension of complex health and medical information. The disadvantage is the aspect of believing any information on the internet as it might be false. This is really important to note and users should be informed to be cautious of the information that they fond on the internet. This information relates to the course concepts and provides a basis for understanding the rise of the internet as a viable source of medical information to users.Healthcare organizations provide very important services to the patients that get treatment and other health services provided by these organizations. It is therefore very important to ensure that these organizations have effective heed systems and strategies.

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Carbon dating the shroud of turin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Carbon dating the shroud of turin - Essay ExampleDuring the ordinal century, the people in the low town of Lirey would not have been able to prove or disprove the image on the tacking of Turin. What they h ad to rely upon was again faith, and faith was going around like the plague. Catholics in the fourteenth century were experiencing a form of hyper-religiosity, and the notion of associating geography with ethnography was taking hold and manifesting itself through the singling expose of non-Catholics, and was soon followed by expelling Jews from their homelands because of their non-Christian beliefs. Blind faith, encouraged and fueled by Church priests, monks, and others who held positions in the fastness echelons of the social ladder, led to cases of ethnic cleansing, and, eventfully the expulsion of thousands of Jews from their homelands. The time was ripe for exploitation of Christian fanaticism and for the Catholic Church to enlarge its sphere of influence. Relics, of cou rse, served as a way by which to link certain areas, specially those remote areas, with Church-mindedness, causing villagers to form close and tight-knit bonds with the Church.

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Judicial Decisions - Essay ExampleIn addition to this there seems to be differing schemes protecting twain the stainlord and the tenants found in the distinction of the equitable and legal enlists.The distinction becomes extremely important as if an occupy in land is found to be a lease then cardinal is protected by the Rent Acts, while the licence seems to encompass only special rights as according to the terms of the scheme between the parties with minimal state intervention.It is virtuoso of the fundamental themes in accepting what a lease is that the spot identified in the arrangement between the landlord and the occupier is for a fixed term. In Lace V. Chantler 1944, it was held that a lease for the duration of a war was non a certain period as one could not surely envisage when the war would be over, thus this would be a licence voidable when the war would be over. However, even a short term, for instance a month to month sympathy would seem to be satisfying the requ irements of the LPA 1925 as each party holds power by notice to sterilise the continuity of the lease at the end of each month and this saves the arrangement from being uncertain. (Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd v London Residuary Board 1992) Even time sharing agreements have been held to be tenancies recently (Cottage vacation Associates Ltd v. Customs and Excise Commissioners 1983, Smallwood V. Sheppards 1895). Perhaps even here, the underlying fact remains the intention of the party which could be evidenced by virtue of the mode of payment and the time period even though this is not an essential element (Ashburn Anstall v. Arnold 1989).The concept of exclusive possession is also a very important one in the determination of a lease. Essentially, where the occupier could exclude anyone at all and is free to use the land as he wants subject to certain restrictions, this arrangement could easily be termed as a lease. Where a landlord had rights reserved to enter the premises, empty me ters and change linen, it was held to be a licence (Appah v. Parncliffe Investments 1964. A similar similarity could be drawn with the occupation of rooms in hotels and motels. It is normally quite clear to the occupier that he does not have the rights of a tenant with regards to the room he is occupying and his rights only stem from and are limited to the service contract concluded between him and the hotel, etc.Hence, the traditional distinction between a lease and a licenc