Monday, February 24, 2020

Ebusiness website analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Ebusiness website analysis - Essay Example The e-book website provides information to its customers, the website serves as a face value to the customers as well as sales and marketing activities are also taking place on the website. The order taking from the customers, the delivery to the customers and the constant focus on customer service depicts that this website is an e-commerce website. The ebook website also focuses on internal processes such as human resource for creating their own e-books and selling them as well, development of new products, knowledge management elements and so on. The ebook website provides ebook software for the customers for professionally creating their ebook and selling them into the e-business market as well. These factors mostly cover the e-business requirement for any organisation that is operating online. Therefore the purpose of selecting the ebook website is that after careful examination it can be clearly depicted that this website is an e-commerce as well as an e-business website and has a strong core concentration in the customer relationship management issues. E-CRM can be defined as the combination of the following elements such as the commitment of management, the application, the hardware and software elements of the business (Dyche, 2001). The success of e-CRM greatly depends upon the objectives of the organisation. E- CRM can be categorized into two types. They are the Analytical e-CRM and the Operational e-CRM. Analytical e-CRM can be defined as a continuous process of the data collection process of the customer (Burnett, 2001). The main aspects that deal with analytical e-CRM are in the identification of needs of the customers and then accordingly fulfilling the needs of the customer. It is an utmost necessity to address the needs of the customers at all times for successful business requirements. The web based emails; fax and other such types of

Friday, February 7, 2020

Why apply to the University of Central Florida Essay

Why apply to the University of Central Florida - Essay Example I realized that only through strong progress and high academic standards would I have the opportunity to pursue my education at the collegiate level. This desire to attend college was instilled in me by my parents and society, as the prevailing wisdom was and continues to be that attending college is necessary if one is to find their place in the contemporary work place. Growing up in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico until the age of ten, the pressure to attain a higher education and excel was also instilled in me by the trends of social pressure, as my friends and immediate surroundings conditioned me to understand that without a college degree I would be considered a less accomplished individual. These reasons fueled my passion and drive. During my sophomore year of high school, my drive towards academic excellence became a matter of peer pressure. It was in this paradigm that I initially was drawn to the biological sciences. I considered how a career in medicine or a similarly related field could eventually result in a lucrative profession. I honed and excelled in these studies as I believed this would afford me access to a quality education that would further advance this goal. I adamantly pursued my investigation into the biologic sciences as well as my overall education with this in mind, achieving high grades and maintaining standards well above the average of many of my immediate peers. My father is in the military so I moved around every two years and explored different cultures and people. Moving after my sophomore year I continued my educational journey in a new community at a new school. I gained exposure to a variety of ideas and started to view life and education from a new perspective. I realized that education means more than just success and future career prospects -- that the nature of education and knowledge is oftentimes an end in itself. That is to say that I've gradually realized that there is much more to knowledge than achieving a lucrative profess ion. As my perspective on education changed, so did my interests. Searching out new writers and ideas, I developed a new love for education, particularly the sciences. While I previously viewed them as a means to a career, I have now developed an appreciation for the insight they provide to the human condition. I also gained a new appreciation for community involvement. As a high school student I became highly involved in my own community through engaging in a variety of volunteer activities. I am fluently bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English and have found this a valuable resource for volunteer service. Volunteering is now one of my most enjoyed pursuits, as I sincerely appreciate working with and helping others. I’d like to continue my intellectual journey through studying medicine at the University of Central Florida and harness my knowledge and interests in a meaningful way. During my time of study at the University I will bring the same dedication to area involve ment to the greater Orlando community. In visiting the University, I was struck by the diversity and culturally rich environment. I realize I would make an excellent candidate for the University of Central Florida and make a significant contribution to this community. While Orlando, Florida is well established as a tourist destination, I’m excited that the city also contains a breadth of opportunity and potential. Now I stand at the threshold of a new journey and instead of looking back I am looking forward. I have made a significant amount of intellectual progress and emotional development from my days as a boy in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and adolescence as a military brat traveling throughout the United States. Looking ahead on this journey I am intent on making my adult life as fruitful