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Organic Coffee Essay -- Environmental Business Proposal Essays

Organic CoffeeSAFARI PLANET COFFEE(S.P.C.)The best Minnesota organic Coffee Table of Contents1. Executive Summary 32. ledger entry..43. Business Description ...54. Management and Processes.....75. Research, Marketing and Company Plan.76. Financial Projections....97. Reference118. Appendix..121. Executive SummaryCoffee is one of the human beings most precious commodity second to oil at the same it is one of the most chemically treated products that cause consumer and farmers health enigma and destroys environss for that reason, the main idea of Safari Planet Coffee (S.P.C) is very simple, we want to diversify Minnesota by importing and selling organic coffee with exalted quality grown from the land of its origin Africa, particularly from eastside Africa. Safari Planet Coffee (S.P.C)s core value is to bring into focus an environment where this coffee product can become a vivid expression of belonging to customers who will enjoy our healthy organic coffee or secure from our wholesale department. We want our customers, who be our greatest assets, to feel that inward uniqueness, the moment they step foot into SAFARI PLANET COFFEE(S.P.C), feeling like they were on the factual coffee producing farm in East Africa, particularly Ethiopia the birth place of coffee. Safari Planet Coffee (S.P.C) shall bring into the business an environment where positive thoughts, ideas and suggestions are expressed freely and embraced under an atmosphere of mutual co-existence and professionalism, in the best interest of the establishment. Safari Planet Coffee (S.P.C) is not here only to achieve money but we will dedicate 15% of pretax dollar to improve the quality of our coffee farmers in East Africa, as our company grows we would set deflexion a percentage of pretax dollars for social cause and to promote the Organic coffee industry.Safari Planet Coffee (S.P.C) initial investment would be $15,400.00 of owners capital and $45,000.00 of SBA loan. Our aim is to select premium Organic coffee products from the East African region that offer superior quality, supplement the coffee products with educational propaganda that promotes the origins of coffee, conditions of East African farmers, a... ... Total $ 60,400.00 Projected Financial Statement attached Projected Balance Sheet7. ReferenceCoffee for Future Brewing/Mixing evidence 2004, Compiled from the U. S. Market for Coffee and Ready-to-Drink Coffee, 4th Edition, Published by Packaged Facts2 Griswold, David (2004),Quick Guide to Sustainable Coffee 3Koppel. D 1992, Common Sense about Pesticides, freedom Institute.4Rice, R.and Ward, J. 1996 Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center Coffee, Conservation and Commerce in the Northern Hemisphere.5 OConnell, Jock(2004) Organic Food A Niche Market Goes Global http// recuperation date October 17th 20048.AppendixEstimated share of gourmet/premium potable dollar sa les by subcategory ..1Whole bean and ground coffee by IRI tracked sales and shares ..2Gourmet beverage/confectionary by household income bracket 3Gourmet beverage/confectionary by educational attainment ..5Gourmet beverage/confectionary by age bracket of purchaser ...6Purchasing indices for gourmet beverage/confectionary by ethnic group ..7

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Epic of Beowulf - Christian Morals in Beowulf :: Epic Beowulf christbeo

Christian Morals in Beowulf           Beowulf is an epic tale that has been changed over clock to try and express a christian moral. While this transformation over time has added a new variable to the plot, it is still impossible to try and exhaust the original pagan plot completely. It has become evident that the original epic was pagan and had no mention of the biblical references or the christian morality that it contains now. However, it is likewise evident that the original story dealt with the conceit of a higher beingness or beings.         The overriding christian view has many facets and deals with them all as a new way of proposing christianity into the theme of the story. The reason that Grendel becomes out frenzyd is that the bard in the mead hall is singing a song that has to do with creation. This shows Grendels apparent disregard for immortal and he proceeds to go to the hall and capture men and eat them while they are asleep. As we progress into the story, we learn that Grendel carries the curse of Cain with him. He exhaust the curse of the seed of Cain/ Whereby God punished the grievous guilt of Abels murder. Cain was the son of Adam and Eve and was the one who murdered Abel, his brother, out of a jealous rage for Gods favor to Abel. This shows us that Grendel had more than just a dislike for the men, the song was showing Grendel that his ancestor was looked upon as the bad person and was therefore the underlying concept for Grendels rage. This was the constant reminder to Grendel of his evil past and thus his reasoning for his actions. We learn to see Grendel as a less than human being, but in actuality, he is a monster who has a degree of humanity in him and that is the reason that he is so hard for Beowulf to kill. He has the human emotion of pride which in conclusion is the cause of his downfall. While this seems to be a major part of the story line, it can be remov ed and the story will only lose the terra firma of Grendels evil side. This could have been where the real story of Grendel originally was.         As with many of the classic medieval stories there is a sense of a higher being and fate is a major factor in Beowulf.

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Importance of Nothing in Shakespeares King Lear Essay examples -- Kin

Importance of Nothing in William Shakespeares King Lear The Tragedy of King Lear has many important themes. One major theme concerns nothing. The main point around the discussion of nothing is that nothing is a many things. Nothing is what binds everything. The first mention of nothing is when King Lear asks his daughters to profess how much they love him. The firstborn daughters shower compliments upon him tickling his ears. Yet the Lears favorite daughter Cordelia will only speak the truth. When asked what she can say to gain her a portion of prop better than her sisters, she replies, Nothing, my Lord (1.1. ) He exclaims, Nothing (1.1. ) and she responds, Nothing (1.1. ). Lears answers, Nothing will come of nothing (1.1. ) As he voices this, he has made something of nothing. Lear takes offense in a true and honest answer. Cordelias nothing will blossom into something tremendous. This is the cause of Kents banishment and her hasty marriage to the Prince of France. In 1.4, the F ool rattles off a dogma to Lear. Kent (in disguise) says his spee...

How to Meet Your Deadlines :: Process Essays

How to Meet Your DeadlinesIts a gorgeous fall day and my mind is drifting like a dinghy on the lake. plainly Im inside my house watching the clock tick away, hoping to pull together this essay before the deadline arrives. If youre like me, deadlines drive you crazy, but they also keep you driven. Chances are, youve fatigued countless nights awake, fretting over an upcoming deadline, even ones that are easy to meet. The Pressure CookerSo how can you handle the pressure -- real and imagined -- of deadlines? And what should you do if it looks like youre deprivation to miss one? Here are a few tips on handling the dreaded D-word.Always meet your deadlines. Theres simply no excuse, short of incident not to. As Cameron Foote writes in The Business Side of Creativity Youre very raison detre is to do for others what they cannot or will not do for themselves. When you accept an assignment, the client expects you to be competent, professional, and most of all a fanatic about meeting his o r her deadlines.Treat deadlines with the respect they deserve. Woody Allen once said, eighty percent of life is skilful showing up. Youll be amazed and how much return business you can earn simply by being on time. Negotiate longer kick in times. Deadlines are like money, they arent easily renegotiated. Even if you think you can meet the proposed deadline with little problem, its best to win yourself a little extra time during the sign negotiation.Extra time acts as insurance should a work or personal emergency arise or if the job becomes inexplicably complex. The slack can also come in handy if you need to accommodate a rush job, particularly one with extra dollars attached. Ask for an extra day or calendar week or month, whatever is appropriate to the work you do and the scope of the project. Whenever you start talking to a client about a deadline, think about your kids, of import other, or beloved hobby, and silently ask yourself Is this deadline going to prevent me from spe nding time with the people or activities I love? If nothing more, this ploy gives you the motivator to ask for that extra week or two. Break up chores into manageable pieces. Perhaps the problem is not the deadline, so much as the sheer size of a project you face. One way to battle this daunting specter is by creating a Gantt chart to break the project into smaller chunks.

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Victorian Short Essay -- English Literature

Victorian ShortVictorian Short StoriesDiscuss the role of women as villains, victims and heroes in aselection of Victorian improvident stories.In the 19th Century the only type of people who could read and writewere people in upper word form families. Remembered for being such a classconscious society, the 19th century rarely invariably mixed regarding their shape in the society, this was the greatest divide ever betwixt richand poor. As well as their being a division between rich and poor,there was also a division between the sexes. Women were automaticallygiven the lower status between men and women and they were seen aslower, less able people by men.Seeing as Victorian short stories were written in the 19th century,they follow through the theme of men being better than women. Alsoanother theme which was common in these stories were heavy- slip byed murdersand obvious villains. Most of the writers who wrote in those dayswrote for different reasons compared to reasons why writ ers wrote inthe 20th century. Writers in the 20th century wrote to entertainrather than to instruct people. far-famed writers such as Charles Dickenswrote for moral obligation. He wrote to try and shame and instructrich people into helping the poor.I am going to serve at three different Victorian short stories and seehow women are portrayed. Are they the villain, the victim or the hero?The first story I entertain read is Captain Murderer. Captain Murdererwas written by Charles Dickens however, he did not invent this storyhe simply retold it. From the really start Dickens demonstrates how richpeople were always perceived to be better than the poorHis warning name would seem to have awakened no general prejudice against ... ...d this attracts negative attention just likethe name of the villain Captain Murderer in Captain Murderer.Bessie tries to conquer her status as victim by showing the villainsshe is not afraid of cowardly villains I screamed at them through the door . Youthink you can frighten me. You ragamuffin thieves. scorn Bessie showing she is not going to be overruled the dangerincreases for her. Shifty Dick goes to an extreme measure when hetakes out a knife and starts to hack bowling ball the thatch roof. Bessiefinally surrenders her status as hero after all her brave and boldacts and flees the house into the darkness of the countrysideI saw the heavy, hairy hand of Shift Dick, armed with the knife,come through after the fallen fragments.. I lost courage at last..Imust trust to the night and the heavy darkness, and save my life.

Victorian Short Essay -- English Literature

straight-laced ShortVictorian Short StoriesDiscuss the role of women as villains, dupes and heroes in aselection of Victorian short stories.In the 19th Century the only type of people who could read and writewere people in upper class families. Remembered for being such(prenominal) a classconscious society, the 19th century rarely ever mixed regarding theirstatus in the society, this was the greatest divide ever between naughtyand poor. As well as their being a division between rich and poor,there was also a division between the sexes. Women were automatically effrontery the lower status between men and women and they were seen aslower, less able people by men.Seeing as Victorian short stories were written in the 19th century,they follow through the theme of men being better than women. Alsoanother theme which was common in these stories were brutal murdersand obvious villains. around of the writers who wrote in those dayswrote for different reasons compared to reasons why writer s wrote inthe 20th century. Writers in the 20th century wrote to entertainrather than to instruct people. Famous writers such as Charles hellionwrote for moral obligation. He wrote to try and shame and instructrich people into helping the poor.I am going to look at trine different Victorian short stories and seehow women are portrayed. Are they the villain, the victim or the hero?The first story I have read is master copy Murderer. Captain Murdererwas written by Charles Dickens however, he did not invent this storyhe simply retold it. From the very start Dickens demonstrates how richpeople were always perceived to be better than the poorHis warning name would seem to have awakened no general bias against ... ...d this attracts negative attention just likethe name of the villain Captain Murderer in Captain Murderer.Bessie tries to conquer her status as victim by showing the villainsshe is not afraid of cowardly villains I screamed at them through the door. Youthink you can frighten me. You ragamuffin thieves.Despite Bessie showing she is not going to be overruled the dangerincreases for her. Shifty Dick goes to an extreme measure when hetakes out a knife and starts to hack trough the thatch roof. Bessie ultimately surrenders her status as hero after all her brave and boldacts and flees the house into the darkness of the countrysideI saw the heavy, hairy hand of Shift Dick, gird with the knife,come through after the fallen fragments.. I lost courage at last..Imust trust to the night and the thick darkness, and save my life.

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Case: Erik Peterson Essay

Do you think Erik Peterson was an rough-and-ready leader? Why or why not? I do think Erik Peterson was an effective leader. Erik Peterson was definitely represented good leadership from e very(prenominal) aspect of his work. Though at the very beginning, there were a great many problems exsiting in the GMCT and had cast out effective on operating, Erik Peterson was trying his best to solve these problems and to some extend, gain some outcomes which revealed Erik Peterson was an effective leader. First Erik Peterson found the chief engineer, brusque Andrews, had a trade of problems.Erik Peterson noticed that Curt Andrews was lack of administration skills which were required to start up new operation. Erik Peterson made every feat to solve Curts problem, such(prenominal) as replaced Curt by someone more capacitive in this position. Eventually, to help Curt improve the planning and coordination, Erik Peterson held one-on-one counseling sessions to show Curt how to plan better.Erik Peterson showed good leadership for the reason that Erik Petersons work-facilitation behavior indicated that Erik Peterson was willing to provide mentoring, coaching and counseling to assist employees in developing their skills. Also, Erik Peiterson believed high moral and understanding would encourage people to work as a team and participate more in organization, thus, he held meet every week in order to let employee to communication and exchange of ideas. Under the Leader- Member exchange Model of Leadership, it was the so called in group exchange. Most employees said the meeting was effective, they found from the meeting, they developed respect, mutual self-assertion and a sense of common partnership.This kind of leadership was effective, employees tended to increase job satisfaction and build more trust for company and coworkers. From the part key personnel assignments we could conclude that Erik Peterson was kind of transactional leadership. He clarified employees role, such as he found that Trevor Burns was very b cover, knowledgeable and sophisticated and assign him in the management group of GMCT. He found the out what peoples the capacity and strength was and assigned them to the right position.This definitely increased efficiency of the daily work. Meanwhile, Erik Peterson gave positive rewards -promotion for his secretary based on her good performance on work. As to the salary problem of Trevor Burns, Erik Peterson showed the empathy which was an natural part of emotional intelligence according to the article what pay backs a leader. Erik Peterson felt uncomfortable when he was hearing Trevors salary was 25% slight because he believed Trevor deserved it. Then Erik Peterson had a conversation with Trevor concerning the decrease and Trevor, finally accepted the cut of 20%. Erik Peterson was thoughtfully and considering employees feeling-along with other factors in the do of making intelligent decisions. After noticing the initial construction of cellular the not that GMCTs relationship with four of the towns in the license area, Erik Peterson made every effort to solve these problems.At the same time, Erik Peterson revealed self-aware during his work, which was another important part of emotional intelligence. Erik Peterson recognized the problems about the local utility in getting it to make ready its telephone lines according to the promised schedule. Whats more, Erik Peterson realized the bad relationship between Curt and Trevor. Feeling unable to deal with these problems, Erik Peterson was looking forward to slop with sawbuck who w the executive to figure out the solution to the problems.. Erik Peterson knew when to ask for help.Also, he had a firm grasp of himself and he would not let him overstretching the assignment. sawhorse arranged a two day meeting with Erik Peterson, discussing the problems Erik Peterson were facing in his organization. This process may stated in the article tipping point leadership as break ing through the cognitive hurdle. From the meeting, Erik Peterson provided Knight, the executive with the opportunity to had a face-to-face with the problems. In this case, Erik Peterson may be more likely to get help from Knight since Knight might get a profoudining understanding of how serious the problems were and gave Erik Peterson support to overcome these problems in the organization.

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Personal statement on family medicine Essay

Growing up in a family of docs has immensely sprung up my intrust of taking music. During those years of spend moments with my p arnts in their medical activities, my decision of pursuing medicine was firmly shaped. For all those times, I realized that being a doctor is not merely the experience of being called a medical practiti unmatchabler. Neither does ends the career of healing the sick and saving patients on the brink of death. Being a doctor offers more rewards that are intangible and worth more than gold and silver.By helping one person revert back to his normal life is alleviating the burden of a aggroup of people. In putting a smile to a tormented person brings forth semblance of hope. Moreover, the profession gives a chance of becoming part of ones life during his stage of recuperation and survival. In addition, it provides an opportunity for medical practitioners to expand their knowledge by every case they deal with in effortless of their lives. Most importantly, b eing a doctor provides sense of worth of being a human and being part of the society. Furthermore, I consider the practice of medicine as the most independent and zealous way of affording service to the masses. These were more than fascinating factors that drove me to spend my life in practicing medicine.In fulfilment of my desire to practice medicine, I bravely braced the barriers of my insurmountable dream. After graduating from medical school, I took every chance to applying my earned knowledge in actual life. I first applied my knowledge in my hometown, particularly in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital. In there, I spent a period of one year full-grown assistance and taking the chance to learn from all departments of the hospital. Another year was well spent as intern in the Institute on psychic Health in Hyderabad. Due to my aspiration to further expand my knowledge and pursue Family Medicine, I moved to US and took my Masters in Clinical Nutrition.In US, I grabbed every chanc e to explore more the real world of medicine. I finished externship in several hospitals in Kentucky which includes University of Louisville School of Medicine, Norton Hospital, Western atomic number 101 Health Systems, and even in Christos St. John Hospital in Texas. My duties then include participating in case discussion, formulating diagnosis, taking history, and general physical examination, among others. During my externship, I had also been into clinical research. Within those periods, I came to understand really the life of a physician. From there I further conclude that time of a physician is owned by the call of duty.For a moment of exposure, my determination was put to test. Working in a fast phasing and demanding environment was time consuming and exhausting. in that location are also cases when personal life cannot be inserted in the daily schedule. In addition, some patients tend to sip all the strength of physician because of their inquisitiveness, naughtiness, or cr ankiness. However, through patience, perseverance, good time management, and teamwork, the loads in a physicians life would be eased. Despite of those hardships, I successfully finished my externship and from there, I earned more courage to face the barriers on my path to practice Family Medicine.After my studies, I intend to spend my medical life in Family Medicine. I choose Family Medicine because it encompasses the total health care of an individual and of the whole family. It is a specialty that is not limited to only one aspect hardly rather involves behavioural, biological, and clinical science. Significantly, it specializes in foreseeing the spread of disease instead of curing it. As a medical student, I believe that it is more rewarding to prevent the occurrence of disease rather than exerting efforts to heal the disease. Moreover, I want to pursue residency in Family Medicine because I want to dedicate my time attend to the needs of patients, especially during time of em ergency. Likewise, I want to utilize my life understanding and alleviating the suffering of my fellowmen.From the very starting point of my journey to medical profession, I never came to a point of regretting or backing out. Instead, my eagerness and my desire to finish my studies and get my license grew even more. From those struggles I successfully won, I drive built a strong backbone that I shall use in the future. But then, those efforts would not be of sense unless I would finish Family Medicine manse program.

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Foundation and Empire 2. The Magicians

FOUNDATION With forty years of expansion behind them, the Foundation breastd the exist of Riose. The epic days of Hardin and Mallow had gone and with them were gone a legitimate hard daring and resolutionEncyclopedia Galactica on that point were quaternary men in the management, and the room was set apart where none could approach. The four men looked at each otherwise quickly, then lengthily at the table that separated them. There were four bottles on the table and as many full glasses, but no one had touched them.And then the man nearest the door stretched verboten an build up and drummed a slow, padding rhythm on the table.He state, Are you going to sit and wonder forever? Does it matter who speaks first?Speak you first, then, express the wide-ranging man directly opposite. Youre the one who should be the most worried.Sennett Forell chuckled with noiseless nonhumor. Because you think Im the richest. Well Or is it that you expect me to continue as I develop started. I d ont suppose you forget that it was my own swap Fleet that captured this scout ship of theirs.You had the largest fleet, said a third, and the best pilots which is another way of saying you are the richest. It was a fearful risk and would sport been greater for one of us.Sennett Forell chuckled again. There is a certain(p) facility in risk-taking that I inherit from my father. After all, the essential pose in running a risk is that the returns justify it. As to which, witness the fact that the enemy ship was isolated and captured without loss to ourselves or warning to the others.That Forell was a distant collateral relative of the late great Hober Mallow was recognized openly throughout the Foundation. That he was Mallows illegitimate son was accepted quietly to just as wide an extent.The fourth man blinked his little eyes stealthily. Words crept out from between thin lips. It is zero point to sleep over in fat triumph, this take hold of little ships. Most likely, it provide b ut anger that young man further.You think he needs motives? questioned Forell, scornfully.I do, and this major power, or will, save him the vexation of having to patch up one. The fourth man round slowly, Hober Mallow worked otherwise. And Salvor Hardin. They let others take the uncertain paths of force, while they maneuvered surely and quietly.Forell shrugged. This ship has proved its value. Motives are cheap and we have change this one at a profit. There was the satisfaction of the born Trader in that. He continued, The young man is of the old Empire.We knew that, said the second man, the large-mouthed one, with rumbling discontent.We suspected that, corrected Forell, softly. If a man comes with ships and wealth, with overtures of friendliness, and with offers of trade, it is only sensible to refrain from antagonizing him, until we are certain that the profitable mask is not a face after all. But now-There was a faint whining edge to the third mans voice as he spoke. We might have been even more careful. We might have found out first. We might have found out before allowing him to leave. It would have been the truest wisdom.That has been discussed and disposed of, said Forell. He waved the subject aside with a flatly final gesture.The government is soft, complained the third man. The mayor is an idiot.The fourth man looked at the other three in turn and removed the stub of a cigar from his mouth. He dropped it casually into the slot at his right where it disappeared with a silent flash of disruption.He said sarcastically, I trust the gentleman who last spoke is speaking through habit only. We can afford to remember here that we are the government.There was a murmur of agreement.The fourth mans little eyes were on the table. Then let us leave government insurance alone. This young man this stranger might have been a possible customer. There have been cases. All three of you tried to butter him into an advance contract. We have an agreement a gentlemans agreement against it, but you tried.So did you, growled the second man.I know it, said the fourth, calmly.Then lets forget what we should have done earlier, interrupted Forell impatiently, and continue with what we should do now. In any case, what if we had imprisoned him, or killed him, what then? We are not certain of his intentions even yet, and at the worst, we could not destroy an Empire by snipping short one mans life. There might be navies upon navies waiting just the other side of his nonreturn.Exactly, approved the fourth man. Now what did you get out of your captured ship? Im too old for all this talking.It can be told in a a couple of(prenominal) enough words, said Forell, grimly. Hes an Imperial general or whatever rank corresponds to that over there. Hes a young man who has proved his armament brilliance so I am told and who is the idol of his men. Quite a romantic career. The stories they tell of him are no doubt half lies, but even so it makes him out to be a typ e of wonder man.Who are the they? demanded the second man.The crew of the captured ship. Look, I have all their statements recorded on micro-film, which I have in a secure place. Later on, if you wish, you can see them. You can talk to the men yourselves, if you think it necessary. Ive told you the essentials.How did you get it out of them? How do you know theyre telling the justice?Forell frowned. I wasnt gentle, good sir. I knocked them about, drugged them crazy, and apply the Probe unmercifully. They talked. You can believe them.In the old days, said the third man, with sudden irrelevance, they would have used pure psychology. Painless, you know, but very sure. No chance of deceit.Well, there is a good deal they had in the old days, said Forell, dryly. These are the new days.But, said the fourth man, what did he want here, this general, this romantic wonder-man? There was a dogged, weary persistence about him.Forell glanced at him sharply. You think he confides the details of s tate policy to his crew? They didnt know. There was nothing to get out of them in that respect, and I tried, Galaxy knows.Which leaves us-To draw our own conclusions, obviously. Forells fingers were tapping quietly again. The young man is a military leader of the Empire, yet he played the pretense of being a minor princeling of some scattered stars in an odd comer of the Periphery. That alone would tally us that his real motives are such as it would not benefit him to have us know. Combine the nature of his profession with the fact that the Empire has already subsidized one attack upon us in my fathers time, and the possibilities become ominous. That first attack failed. I doubt that the Empire owes us love for that.There is nothing in your dressings, questioned the fourth man guardedly, that makes for certainty? You are withholding nothing?Forell answered levelly, I cant withhold anything. From here on there can be no question of business rivalry. Unity is forced upon us.Patrioti sm? There was a sneer in the third mans thin voice.Patriotism be damned, said Forell quietly. Do you think I give two puffs of nuclear emanation for the future Second Empire? Do you think Id risk a single Trade mission to smooth its path? But do you suppose Imperial conquest will help my business or yours? If the Empire wins, there will be a sufficient number of yearning carrion crows to crave the rewards of battle.And were the rewards, added the fourth man, dryly.The second man broke his silence suddenly, and shifted his bulk angrily, so that the chair creaked nether him. But why talk of that. The Empire cant win, can it? There is Seldons assurance that we will form the Second Empire in the end. This is only another crisis. There have been three before this.Only another crisis, yes Forell brooded. But in the case of the first two, we had Salvor Hardin to guide us in the third, there was Hober Mallow. Whom have we now?He looked at the others somberly and continued, Seldons rules o f psychohistory on which it is so comforting to rely probably have as one of the contributing variables, a certain normal initiative on the part of the people of the Foundation themselves. Seldons laws help those who help themselves.The times make the man, said the third man. Theres another proverb for you.You cant account on that, not with absolute assurance, grunted Forell. Now the way it seems to me is this. If this is the fourth crisis, then Seldon has foreseen it. If he has, then it can be beaten, and there should be a way of doing it.Now The Empire is stronger than we it always has been. But this is the first time we are in danger of its direct attack, so that strength becomes terribly menacing. If it can be beaten, it must be once again as in all past crises by a method other than pure force. We must find the weak side of our enemy and attack it there.And what is that weak side? asked the fourth man. Do you intend advancing a theory?No. That is the point Im steer up to. Our great leaders of the past always saw the weak points of their enemies and aimed at that. But now-There was a helplessness in his voice, and for a act none volunteered a comment.Then the fourth man said, We need spies.Forell turned to him eagerly. Right I dont know when the Empire will attack. There may be time.Hober Mallow himself entered the Imperial dominions, suggested the second man.But Forell shook his head. Nothing so direct. None of us are precisely youthful and all of us are grey-headed with red-tape and administrative detail. We need young men that are in the field now-The independent traders? asked the fourth man.And Forell nodded his, head and whispered, If there is yet time-

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Inmates Rights Paper

Prisoner even ups operate under the understanding that although a captive will be deprived of his or her freedom he or she will still be entitled to staple fibre human rights, and these rights must not be infringed upon. Prisoner rights are an important set of checks and balances to jock avoid illegal activity and regulate the actions of the corrections department in the criminal justice system. Even though these individuals have committed a crime, he or she is still a soulfulness and remains protected for certain basic rights guaranteed to him or her under the joined States Constitution.Awarding individual rights to violators of the law created link up for public drift advocates. In 1974, the courts genuine a principle known as a balance test. A balance test is, A principle, developed by the courts and applied to the corrections arena by Pell v. Procunier (1974), that sic attempts to weigh the rights of an individual, as guaranteed by the Constitution, against the authority of states to make laws or to otherwise restrict a mortals freedom in order to protect the states interests and its citizens. Schm tout ensembleeger, 2009, p. 521) With the balance test in mind, there are a few intrinsic rights provided to persons in the United States by the Constitution. Four of the main amendments that protect prisoners are the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Eighth Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment. The First Amendment is an all inclusive right to the freedom of speech. This entitles prisoners to amenities such as mail, telephone calls, religion, and visitation rights.Although the communication is supervised and restricted to locations the right is still present even during ones incarceration. Privacy objet dart incarcerated is one right that cannot be effectively provided to individuals. Using the balance test, courts have determined an unannounced and thorough search of an inmates cell supersedes his or her right to unreasonable search and se izure. This right is provided to all citizens who are not incarcerated ia the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution (Schmalleger, 2009, p. 529). Like most laws governed by the Constitution it evolves and whitethorn award inmates a limited amount of privacy in the near future. The privacy will be very restrictive and pertain to actions such as unreasonable body cavity searches, seizure of legal documents, and harassment searches. The Eighth Amendment recognizes a legal precedent for prisoners and acknowledges that prisoners are not exempt from being hardened fairly.The Eighth Amendment addresses the issue that a prisoner maintains the rights to be free from inhumane conditions by ensuring prisoners are not subject to cruel and unusual punishment. Prisons provide basic amenities to prisoners as a chair of this amendment. The of the essence(p)s usually provided from this Amendment items such as toiletry goods, food, basic shelter, basic clothing, medical assistance, and limited recreational options for mental and physical health purposes.The Fourteenth Amendment provides all citizens of the United States the right to not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. The Amendment also ensures all persons within its legal power have equal protection of the laws, and the right to access the courts. This amendment is a catch all for prisoners and can be supplemented to every rights invasion grievance to have his or her complaint heard before a court. The civil rights act of 1871 falls under the United States Code title 42 section 1983.Section 1983 states, all(prenominal) person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of any State or Territory, or District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be likely to the party injure in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceedings for redress, except that in any action brought against a discriminatory officer for ann act or omission taken in such officers judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable.For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia. (U. S. C. 1983) The Civil Rights Act of 1871 can be summarized as anyone who causes a person to be deprived of rights guaranteed by the Constitution is liable to that person. Though inmates are in prison, the rights awarded to them under the Constitution still apply. The Americans with Disabilities Act was implemented to prevent discrimination against anyone with a disability.It also gives a disabled person the right to accessibility of transportation, telephones, and housing. Through this act, inmates with disabilities have the right to accommodations that assist with the persons mobility and living ( discussion section of Justice, 2011). The atomic number 20 Department of corrections is responsible for the operations of all adult and juvenile institutions in the state of California (CDCR, n. d. ). The State of California created the California Code of Regulations statute title 15, Crime Prevention and Correction. The code breaks down the steps, procedures, and definitions, pertaining to the cathexis and management of inmates and parolees.According to Title 15, Inmates are directly and constantly supervised or monitored, and observed by the CDC staff, either custody staff or snip supervisor as indicated in those regulations, sufficiently to account for the specific where about of the inmates at all times (3000, Title 15, p. 11). The primary reason for the creation of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the California Co de of Regulations, Title 15 is to protect the civil rights of the inmates and parolees. Inmates and parolees have the right to be treated respectfully, impartially, and fairly by all employees (3004, Title 15, p. 18). Prisoners are also given rights such as the right to communicate with their family and friends, the right to have got visitation, and the right to be fed but limited and with restriction. Prisoners do not enjoy freedom.The law recognizes the importance of visitation. The prisoners can accept visits while they are incarcerated because the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations goal strives to transition that prisoner back into the community, and understands the influential role allowing the individuals to keep in touch with society provides to meet that goal. Under the California Code of Regulations Title 15, prisoners have the right to accept visitation while they are incarcerated, but they remain in a controlled environment. Inmates and visitors must follow va rious rules such as visitors talk to prisoner through with(predicate) telephones, specific days and times, and designated locations for visits.Inmates are not allowed to engage in intercourse with their visitors and fellow inmates. Any violations of laws regulations or local procedures governing the visit may result in termination, suspension, revocation, or denial of visiting with the person or persons involved as described in section 3176 of the Title 15. Such a violation may also result in exclusion from the facility as described in section 3176. 3. Balancing prisoners individual rights and the maintenance of public order will forever be under a continuing resolution. The Constitutional laws are ever-changing and interpreted on a case-by-case basis. The balance is essential to maintain the safety of the public and prisoners alike.ReferencesSchmalleger, F. (2009). Criminal Justice Today, 10th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ. Pearson/Prentice Hall. United States Code, Title 42, Section 1983. Deparment of Justice. (2011). ADA Home Page. Retrieved from http//www. ada. gov. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. (n. d. ). State of California. Retrieved from http//www. CDCR. ca. gov State of California. (2008). California Code of Regulations, Title 15, Volume 20. Retrieved from http//www. cdcr. ca. gov/regulations/adult_operations/docs/Title15-2008. pdf

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To Discuss Whether the Classless Society Is Attainable and Sustainable in This Century

The aim of this assignment is to discuss whether the furcateless golf-club is attainable and sustainable in this century. To begin the definition of concepts argon given, then(prenominal) the origin of the layeres. It then looks at how the capitalist ball(a) club can non evolve to the classless society in this century. According to Ernesto (200717), Classes are a large group of peck who differ in their relation to the meat of their role in the social economic and policy-making organization. Their class stratus is keep an eye ond by their position to the means of intersection.According to Ernesto (200717), the guess of Karl Marx depicts four stages that have societies evolved in the last centauries and from the last stage, the class struggles can hence bring the classless society. According to Friedrich (194425), one of his great debates was the issue regarding the immunity of mankind. The main determining factor for Karl Marx for a classless society and freedom is class conflict. He too asserts that Karl Marx traced the history of mankind by the ways in which the economy operated and the role of classes within the economy.Because of this, the greatest factor in the classes was determining who owns this freedom. With this in mind, Karl Marx gives us a solution to both the issues of freedom and class conflict in his critique of capitalist economy and theory of communism, which is the ideal society for Marx. His theory of communism is based on the ultimate end of kind history because there will be freedom for all humankind. Ernesto (200718) asserts that the conflict theory looks at how certain social interactions occur through conflict. People learn in conflict everyday to gain more power than others in society.Karl Marx is known for studying the conflicts that occur between different classes. Karl Marx has introduced some radical ideas and theories to society through his writings. As the industrial revolution moved forward in society, so did the w idening gap between class structures. Karl Marx studied the differences arising between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat people. According to Bellamy (200349), the bourgeoisies are interested mainly in developing a capitalist society, using advanced methods of intersection. The bourgeoisies are the capitalist who own the factories the products make in the factories, and controlled all the trade.The Proletariats or on the job(p) class people have gained nothing in society unless the thrill of their own labor. The Proletariats feel that they are treated poorly by the middle class society. They receive only enough in life to survive and have no chance of achieving a higher, class status. According to Harding (1984), the bourgeoisie or middle class people in society were exploiting and degrading the Proletariat people. The Proletariats helped to improve production in society, which positive capitalism and helped it to grow faster.The Proletariats were not getting the wages they deserved for the labor that was accomplished. Capital gain was being made for the labor the working class provided, but there was still no way of improving status in society. The middle class was taking over and the rich were staying rich and the poor continue to be poor. Marx wanted the working class to stand up to the bourgeoisie and cause a class conflict. The idea was that if the working class revolted against the capitalist, it would bring slightly the revolution that would usher the capitalist society into a classless society.According to Holmes (2009), Karl Marx saw communism as the ideal society which was also the classless society because it is the genuine resolution of the conflict between man and man the true resolution of the strife between existence and essence, between freedom and necessity that capitalism fosters. Holmes (2009) also alludes to how Karl Marx was also committed to the notion that theory and action go hand in hand. He dismissed earlier philosophers or t hinkers because they only interpret the world in various ways His main idea however is to change the world.He also rural aread Ideas cannot carry out anything at all. In order to carry out ideas men are needed who can exert practical force. From Dirlik (198928) view of this theory, there are various reasons why the classless society cannot be attainable in this day and age. Firstly Attaining the classless society using Karl Marxs theory of communism is not possible because it failed to support principles or guidelines of even the most general kind for how the system of communism was to be fully established. He is simply shows the stages and the classless paradise which could be win by conflict.No procedures of conflict are also depicted for the working class to be able to come into harmony with the capitalists. It is this lack of practical guidelines that shows the theory would be doomed to fail if used in practice. Another contradiction of its failure to be attained and sustain ed is the fact that Karl Marxs theory stems from the social conditions exist during his lifetime. According to Theodore (200466), this was when the industrial revolution was hitting its stride therefore led him to make this theory. Great technological advances were being made to the modes of production.According to Theodore (200467), Mobility of people from class to class is hindered by who owns the means of production. Moving from a mere worker to a producer can be so costly on individuals and sometimes impossible in other instances. The people having the power increase in power while only serving their own interest. For example, if a person was working as a worker in a mine, it can sometimes be impossible even if the social conflict exists. The worker will not move from the side of the proletariat to the bourgeoisies but will simply move to a higher class within the working class.The worker is only promising to be promoted till he can even have the power to lead the organizatio n but not own the means of production. Because of the nature of their raising and the labor they offer according to their skill, they are trapped on the working class side of the capitalist society. Dirlik (1989120) Mobility form one class to the other is also sometimes impossible because the capitalist will only have economic deals with other capitalists. One producer will interact with another producer making it impossible for the working class to even know the world of the producer.It would even be foregn to him as long as he works. If mobility was easy from the working class side to the capitalist class, then we would one day have what is called an equilibrium where everyone can freely determine their own place in the class they extend to. From Bellamy (200397) view, a classless society also means an environment of equity in distribution of resources. This can be impossible because equity is simply dividing all resources and power equally to all. Such an environment also entai ls that there is no need for political leadership or governance because everyone has the same level of political and economic power.According to Bellamy (200398), Karl Marxs idea of man in the state of nature is that he is narcissistic and will take advantage of others for their own selfish gain. This also means power cannot equally be divided. Democracies therefore choose representatives who are empowered by the people to make state decisions because they understand that not everyone can lead at the same time. Therefore political equity is an impossible situation. According to Theodore (200468) equality is fairness in the distribution of resources means of production and power. It means people are treated fairly depending on their position to the means of production.From the deductions made above, Classes will still exist in a state of equality but fairness is the leading factor. The working class should not be exploited by the capitalist but their surplus value should be equivale nt and proportional to their labour input. Fairness can also mean the working class can determine their own class because the means of production are not to the advantage of one class only but to everyone. The individual in an environment of equality will have the power to determine their own position in the political and economic stratus.

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Primary Education Essay

The Government of India in 2001 launched the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), a nationwide programme to provide universal primary education, thereby encouraging secondary education also. The concentrate passed The Right to Education Act in 1 April 2010, which guarantees free and compulsory education to every child in the 6-14 age groups. But, the lack of aw arness on the requirement of pre-school education & operational challenges including the availability of quality teachers argon few of the issues that still limit the widespread benefits from the government act.Though the number of institutes has gone up significantly since then, but most of them provide an average education. Many state-funded schools in India lack even the basic infrastructure. In fact the quality of education, especially in remote villages, is very dismal. The quality of teaching in elementary schools is not up to the mark. Teacher absenteeism is widespread, teachers are not adequately trained and the quality of command is poor. One of the major challenges is the diminishing inclination of youth towards the teaching profession.The low salary base, lack of incentives and a lethargic job with less of dynamism confound made the profession a last resort for the youth. Also, the profession has lost the level of respect that it deserved. Nowadays, it is only been seen as a supplementary income, and they keep nerve-wracking to enhance their qualification, till they get into a better job. While there is immense paucity of primary and upper primary schools, there are some schools in many parts of the district where a single teacher is taking all classes from 1-5.As per RTE Act norms, the ratio of teacher and students should be 130 in primary schools and 1 35 in upper primary schools. But, past 2 years since the enactment of the RTE act, there is a shortage of 1. 2 million teachers in India. This gap has led to lack of interest in the students too, which led to right in the enrolment and also shi ft towards tuitions. pick up national highlights by ASER report 2009 * The percentageage of all rural children in Std 5 reading text at Std 2 level shows a decline from 56. 2 percent in 2008 to 52. 8 percent in 2009.This means around 40% of all rural children in Std 5 in India are at least three grade levels behind based on their level of learning * In math, for children in Std 5, the ability to do division problems has just increased. From 2007-09, for children in government schools the ability has actually declined from 41 percent to 36% * In Government Schools, 17. 1 percent students take private tuitions, and it rises to 30. 8 percent by the time they reach standard 8th * In private schools more than 25 percent students take private tuitions from standard 1 itself. or so of these challenges can be overcome by adopting Innovative teaching/ learning methods to achieve the desired quality For high quality education throughout, India needs to centering on strengthening nation wid e ne bothrk, which would provide equal quality education to all students, including the students from the rural areas and villages, irrespective of the type of school. New methods of delivery would modify to augment access, quality and improve delivery at various levels of education and also to bridge the gap between the faculty requirements and their availability.Information, Communication and technology (ICT) tools such(prenominal) as videos, television and multimedia computer software that combine text, sound, and colourful, pathetic images can be used to provide challenging and authentic content that would take over the students in the learning process. ICTs can also be used to improve access to and the quality of teacher training. Some international examples in this regard are * Cyber Teacher Training Center (CTTC) in South Korea is leveraging on Internet to provide better teacher professional development opportunities to in dish up teachers.The government-funded CTTC, off ers self-directed, self-paced web-based courses for primary and secondary school teachers * In China, large-scale radio and television-based teacher education has for many years been conducted by the China Central Radio and TV, University, the print Radio and TV University (RTVU) and many other RTVUs in the country. Some progressive approaches the Indian education sector has adopted * Eight hundred and fifty schools in India use Tata Sky Active. Besides over a million Tata Sky homes spend more than INR 30 every month to buy services such as Active English, Active Learning and Active Wizkids.* Activity based learning * Katha A Initiative involving Amar Chitra Katha characters to impart education to school children * Hey Math content providers are selling different school fundamentals as a learning package to children. Initiatives are now in place to sell apprehension packages * Campus-Connect Programs Governments are having partnerships with training schools for vocational train ing, like Government of Delhi and IndiaCan have partnered to impart English education to bus drivers * Voucher Schools * A school voucher or education voucher is a certificate issued by the government which parents can apply toward tuition at a school * The government of Rajasthan has announced two schemes that use school vouchers- Gyanodaya for classes 6-12 and Shikshak ka Apna Vidyalaya for classes 1-5. Trends in Education Sector in Pre-school Trends Examples Entry of Big Corporate * Many corporate houses have / are planning to forwardness up their own chain of pre-schools Pre schools are viewed as attractive investment opportunities due to the growth potential.* For e.g. Alphakids set up by Camlin group and Globe counters by Yash Birla Group, P&Gs flagship Corporate Social Responsibility Program Shiksha. Joint Ventures with Builders * Increasingly preschools are forming joint ventures with builders. Partnering with builders helps in imparting flexibility in the business agai nst high lease rentals * AEZ group and Mothers Pride entered into a JV for a Preschool Upgrade to K 12* Preschool chains are moving up the value chain by upgrading to K-12 schools to ensure scalabilityfor preschool firms * Kidzee, Euro Kids and Kangaroo Kids are upgrading to K-12 school and a large majority of their preschool population is expected to be the potential customers for K-12 involution to Tier I & Tier II Cities * Demand and affordability is increasing in small towns with the growing awareness among people about the need to send children to preschools.* Euro kids plans to fetch 1000 pre schools in medium term with Tier II and Tier III cities as growth drivers Leveraging Infrastructure foreconomic viability * In straddle to increase space utilization, preschools are leveraging the existing infrastructure to generate additional revenues * Additional programmes are being offered in the same premise in order to allow higher utilization of the infrastructure.

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Profile prepared by Management Analysis Corporation

Do you believe that the diagnosis and resulting profile prepared by Management Analysis Corporation was a necessary step in the act upon of decision potentially successful general managers? ExplainThe profile prepared by Management Analysis Corporation is the first step in the process of finding a potentially successful of general managers, but it is not the only step. Actually, after MAC has understood very clearly the needs of Dancey Electronics, they could picture the sodding(a) leader. Once this was done, they could see what skills must be innate and what skills can be learned to become a leader. Then, MAC could propose one more converse to the candidates. For example, the candidates are faced to a concrete lead problem, and they need to solve it very quickly.MAC should analyze reactions of the candidates and pick the beat one. This means picking the person who has the best ability to transform and to adapt to a new situation. So, I do not know yet if Joe Morris could be t he good candidate for leading Dancey Electronics.Moreover, I think that the analysis done by MAC is a good way to find a potentially successful radical of general managers because it accually describes the angel qualities of being an effectual general manager and at the same time gives us ideas about the kinship and task orientation of each candidate on with analysis of some important environmental factors that might have some effect on their leadership vogue, such as the companys first moment and the subordinated expectation for the behavior of general managers.However, I think Management Analysis Corporation should analyze the behavior of the followers more. This way, MAC will know what leadership style would be the best for the group.What alternatives are available to turn Joe Morriss potential effectiveness in the new general manager position?Joe Morris has a high task orientation it means he can apply an initiating structure focused on goals and results. But it is not en ough to lead a team. Joe Morris has to be more relationship oriented. We know that Joe Morris has low skills in relationship orientation. But a leader needs to communicate with his team to have an crop on the behavior of the individuals. If Joe Morris does not change, he could only be a manager, but not a leader. As we learnt in class, leaders do the redress things, managers do things right.According to the Fielder theory, Joe Morris can make changes to be more relationship-oriented. He can spend more informal time (lunch, leisure activities) with his subordinates. He can also request particular people for work in his group. He can be a volunteer to direct difficult or troublesome subordinates. He can suggest or affects transfers of particular subordinates into his unit. Finally, Joe Morris can raise morale by obtaining positive outcomes (special bonuses, time off, attractive jobs) for subordinates.Moreover, Joe Morris should follow a training session to discuss and analyze his le adership situation. This way, he can understand his performance and improve it. If Joe Morris increases his position of power, he could be a split up leader because he would repair his lack in relationship orientation.Why will it be difficult for Joe Morris to modify his style of leadership?Joe Morris knows how to organize and define the relationships in the group and he establishes well-defined patterns and channels of communication, and spells out ways of getting the job done. So it is a good start. But it would be difficult for him to modify his style of leadership because it is very hard to change him. Moreover, he does not have an overall insight of the company. He needs to fit in the group to eventually change. Considering that Joe Morris is far away from a good relationship orientation, it might be very difficult for him to understand what changes he has to do to modify his style of leadership.It also may be hard for Joe Morris to change his style of leadership due to the ar gument against the path-goal theory whereby subordinates play a rulein the leadership style of the manager. In that, Joe Morris has a low score in relationship orientation which means that his relationship with the employees may not be as effective and efficient. As a result, although Morris my want to change his leadership style type, employees may not be as willing to change given his low relationship orientation which therefore makes it hard for him to change his leadership style.But on the other hand, according to the Leader-Member Exchange Approach, there is no consistent leader behavior across subordinates and Joe Morris can behave in different ways with his future followers than he used to. So he may not have to change his style of leadership and still be appreciated by his followers. Therefore he will become a good leader.

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Distracted driving Essay

Introduction Distracted driving is a growing and dangerous problem in todays society that can lead to accidents make injury and even death.Risk factors with distracted driving Talking on a cell call in while drivingYounger, inexperienced drivers under the age of 20 may be at change magnitude risk they hit the highest proportion of distraction-related fatal crashes.There are three main types of distraction optic taking your eyes off the roadManual taking your hands off the wheel andcognitive taking your mind off of driving.Statistics on distracted driving69% of drivers in the United States ages 18-64 report that they had talked on their cell phone while driving within the 30 days before they were surveyed. In Europe, this percentage ranged from 21% in the United Kingdom to 59% in Portugal.Conclusion Mobile phones have immense public utility, improving communication in social and commercial interactions. Nonetheless, their role in driver distraction and consequently in road traf fic crashes means that some measure of reining in their purpose while driving is required.ReferencesNational pathway Traffic Safety Administration. Facts and Statistics. Available from http// Accessed October 9, 2014National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, April 2013. Publication no.DOT HS 811 737. Available from http// Accessed October 9, 2014.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mobile twist Use While Driving United States and Seven European Countries, 2011. MMWR 2013 / 62(10)177-182.Olsen EO, Shults RA, Eaton DK. Texting while driving and other notional motor vehicle behaviors among US high school students. Pediatrics. 2013131(6)e1708-e1715.Federal Railroad Administration. Restrictions on Railroad in operation(p) Employees Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices. Washington, DC. US Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administrati on, 2011.

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Organ Donating… Good or Bad?

Organ Donation What is going to happen to your system when you die? guide you be buried, cremated, or will you use it for the benefit of others? Organ donations can save lives and be employ for research. Organ donation is not solely restricted to the great unwashed who learn passed. Donating is also possible when you are alive. either American needs to become an organ donor because millions of lives could be relieve. Saving lives after dying is wizard of the major motivating factors for organ donations. One organ can save up to octette lives (Organ Donation Facts). at that place are over 114,000 people waiting for organ transplants (Organ Donation Facts). There was a case of a womans husband dying from a car chisel in and he presentd his organs. A few months after his death she got letters in the mail that his organs saved the lives of five people, one of which was a single mother of two small children. On average, eighteen people die a day from world on the waiting lis t for organ transplants (Organ Donations). Every ten minutes someone is added to the waiting list (The Need Is Real). These tragic facts are proficient some of the reasons why people need to become organ donors.It is also possible to give true organs opus still being alive. While this is more difficult, in that location is an excellent success appreciate for the surgeries (CNN Health). Most of these situations involve donating to a family subdivision, saving the life of someone cared for by the donator. Also, by donating to a family member it makes you closer to that person. After you gift you will be contacted by the person that got your donated organ, in case you wishing to talk to them ( Living Donors Online). In 2010 more than eighteen thousand kidneys were donated by live donors (Save A Life).If a person needs a new kidney they are on dialysis, but if you would donate a kidney to them it would double there life span (Benefits Of Living Donation). Donating an organ whil e being alive is an incredibly generous thing to do and every American should consider. Yet another resource is whole soundbox donations for science and research. There is a significant shortage of human tissue, the tissue that they have are being used to find cures for cancer and neurological disorders (Fox News). Tissue is also needed to give surgeons operating experience (Fox News).If surgeons do not get the experience they need then when they go into mathematical process on someone they are not wide-awake and are more likely to make a mistake. Also firefighters and EMTs need experience with tissue because of burns and emergency medical treatment (Iiam). Also when you donate your entire body it can be used in museums for educational purposes. This educates people on how the body works and why we should be organ donors (Iiam). Donating for science is a very useful way to donate organs after you die. While donating your body and organs is obviously a selfless and beneficial act , there are some people who are opposed to organ donation.There are some who argue that if one is in a situation that requires serious medical attention, doctors will not try as rocky to save you because you are a donor and could save others. However, doctors will put just as much(prenominal) effort into saving you because only the transplant team knows if you are an organ donor. Some also deliberate that old people cannot donate organs, making it impossible for people who die of natural causes to donate. There is no defined age limit for a donor organs have been successfully transplanted from people in their seventies and eighties.Every American needs to become an organ donor to save and help many lives. Your body has no use to you after you have died. Also you could save up to eight peoples lives. Donating organs while you are alive is also an option when donating and it could save the life of someone very important to you. explore is a very important part of organ donating be cause it trains medical personnel to be better prepared so that they can save lives when they are working. When you get your license or renew your license, be trustworthy to answer yes to being an organ donor.

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Haier, an international icon: Success Factors and Market Challenges Essay

natural unwrap of Qingdao Refrigerator Factory in 1984, the Haier (pronounced high-er) Group is mainland Chinas largest home appliance maker (Wang and Ong 2007), and the worlds fourth largest washcloth goods manufacturer (Chen 2008).Haier was bedded basic among Chinas pull in 10 spherical differentiates by the Financial clock in 2005 (Haiers friendship facts 2008). It was also ranked 86th among the worlds 500 Most Influential Brands by World Brand Lab in 2006 and is the only Chinese brand to be among the back 100 for three consecutive years. (Haiers company facts 2008).Its Chairman and chief operating officer, Zhang Ruimin who was appointed in 1984 as the director has been credited for pulling Haier out of bankruptcy to nonplus a orbicular corporation (Zhang Ruimin 2006) with annual turn everyplace of USD16.2 billion in 2006 (Haiers company facts 2008). Zhang was ranked 26th among Worlds Most Respected backup Leaders by the Financial Times in 2005 and 6th among Asias 2 5 Most Powerful People in caper by Fortune magazine in 2004Haiers key market places are China, atomic number 63, USA, Japan (Beebe et al 2006) and India (Mumbai 2007). It has over 240 subsidiaries and 87 trading companies, design c bring downs and industrial parks and over 50,000 employees worldwide (Haiers company facts 2008).HAIERS fashion TO SUCCESSIn 1984, CEO Zhang Ruimin took over the n aboriginal bankrupt refrigerator factory (Lin 2005, 1). Today, Haier is known as a global brand. How did it become such as a success (Lin 2005, 1)?Strong leadership, customer service, harvest-time quality, macrocosm, speed, pricing, positioning, localisation of design, merchandiseion and sales, latecomer utilitys and market entry strategy are among the top ten factors for Haiers success.Strong LeadershipZhang Ruimin (Zhang), Chairman and CEO of Haier is described as down-to-earth and a charismatic leader who has worked his way up (Chinaview People Zhang Ruimin 2003). Zhang show out-of-t he-box thinking and risk-taking when he combined traditional Chinese philosophy with modern Western worry mode (Chinaview People Zhang Ruimin 2003)and avoided following norms of the industry (Wu 2003).From the OEC management model of Never Leave Todays operate on Till Tomorrow and Daily Settlement Leads to Daily Improvement to the market chain management, Zhangs unique management ideas bring won praises and is much of a discussion topic among management specialists and top universities around the world (Chinaview People Zhang Ruimin 2003).Zhangs aspiration for Haier to become a global brand began during the early stage he took on the factory (Liu and Li 2002, 701) With this ambition, Zhang set clear objectives and focuses in building the brand, diversifying product lines, going international and now building a global brand name in contrary phases (Haiers development strategy 2008).In 2006, for the fourth consecutive year (Haier introduction 2008), Haier was ranked firstborn f or overall leadership among Chinese companies in the Wall Street journal Asias annual look into of Asias 200 Most Admired Companies (Areddy 2006).Customer ServiceHaier aims to bequeath excellent customer service to do good an advantage over Western rivals who can be more complacent (Business in China in two ways hotshot Group and Haier Group succeed without the consultants 2003, 14). To achieve this, Haier developed a customer-focused culture by trim the distance between employees and customers requiring all employees to sell products, listen to customers and understand rivals products on a regular seat (Denison 2001, 222).Haier also set up more than 11,000 customer service centres in 160 countries (Yi and Ye 2003, 204) hiring and training locals to provide after-sale service to local customers (Li and Chen 2007). Haiers dedication to customer service has won the Five Star Diamond Award presented by the American Quality and Service Society (Haier 1996).Product QualityZhang kn ows that the key to excerpt and future development is to establish and continue to improve product quality. To drive theimportance of quality, Zhang ordered account open workers to destroy 76 defective refrigerators (Xu et al 2006, 30-31). As a result, Haier received the first ever discipline Gold Medal Award in Chinas refrigerator industry (Haier 1988) and ranked first in Chinas Top 15 Brands by Forbes (Kim 2003).InnovationTo improve its technology knowledge and bring about innovative products, Haier has been increasing investment in research and development (R&D) (Duysters et al 2008, 16) establishing an extensive global R&D and design network (DiPaolo and Li 2007). Its R&D investment is significantly higher than the market average RMB6.7 billion in 2006, equivalent to 6.2 percent of its sales (DiPaolo and Li 2007).Haier also formed alliances with tip companies such as Liebherr, Philips, Mitsubishi and Toshiba to acquire manufacturing and technological know-hows, expand prod uct lines as well as enter foreign markets (Duysters et al 2008, 11-12).The basis of Chinas advantage is low-cost labour (Zeng and Williamson 2007, 27). Haier is effect advantage of the cost advantage to provide high technology, choice and customised and specialty products at low terms (Zeng and Williamson 2007, 55). apply cost innovation, Haier gained brand awareness in the US by making compact refrigerators and wine-coloured chillers to the bunch market (Jain, Malik and Cruickshank 2006, 21).SpeedHaier understands that the speed in bringing products to customers to satisfy their needs before rivals is important to win them over (Wu 2003). Since entering US markets, Haier has gained one-third (Lin 2005, 2) of market share in the compact refrigerators for dormitories and offices and created the market for stand-alone wine coolers (Haley and Haley 2006, 46).PricingChinese products are often viewed as low quality (Xin and Yeung 2007). Aware of the poor image of Chinese products, Haier price its products at a five per cent premium over its Korean rivals, LG and Samsung (Chinese consumer durable firms eye a riskyger piece of action 2008) so that its products will be perceived as top-of-the-line (Gupta 2006).PositioningHaier positions itself as a premium brand and aims to develop Haier as a dependable, high-technology global leader (Gupta 2003). Haier is not targeting at different classes of consumers instead it wants consumers to feel that Haier is closest to satisfying their needs (Haiers Aim Develop Our Brand afield 2003).Localisation of Design, Production and SalesHaier set up local design, production and sales facilities, and industrial parks in US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and employs mainly local people (Haier Press Room 2008). With localised trading operations, Haier is able to respond more quickly to changing customers needs (Young and Nie 1996, 12) and to be accepted by the local connection (Haier Press Room 2008).Latecomer Advantages Instead of creating a new business model from scratch (Duysters et al 2008, 8), Haier, as a latecomer, has the advantage of comparing and modifying its business models against those of established rivals identifying niches, for example compact refrigerators in the US (Wu 2003) that larger rivals have overlooked (Duysters et al 2008, 8) or do not have the flexibility to adopt (Bartlett and Ghoshal 2000, 139).Market doorway StrategyHaier started exporting to tough markets such as United States (US) and Germany as Zhang (Wu 2003) believes that once it gained brand recognition in these markets, it will be easier for Haier to enter neighbouring developing countries (Liu and Li 2002, 702-703).When entering a new market, Haier introduced one product at a time. It first introduced refrigerators in the US market. Once the product becomes successful, Haier began introducing washing machines lines and other products capitalising on the brand awareness (Liu and Li 2002, 703).CHALLENGES AHEADCh inese manufacturers including Haier now face increasing challenges posed by decrease in orders from overseas markets ( worldwide recession hits China 2008), lack of resources, negative Chinese brand image, just margin throw and rising costs.Lack of R&D InfrastructureAlthough Haier increased investment in R&D, it can take years to catch up on the standard of the research in the West (Isaksen 2006). One big obstacle that marketing research firms face in China is the lack of infrastructure to carry out surveys (Isaksen 2006).Lack of Qualified Human ResourcesManagers with experience managing an international operation are scarce (Beebe et al 2006, 7). This shortage can negatively influence Haiers global expansion (Liu and Li 2002, 703). For example, managers from the Chinese and American operations find it difficult to have productive discussions due to language barrier (Liu and Li 2002, 703).Global Brand Awareness and ImageChinese companies including Haier lack global brand awarenes s in developed markets in the US and Europe (Xin and Yeung 2007, 3) and suffer negative brand image of cheap, poor quality and unreliable (Swystun, Burt and Ly 2005, 3). This negative image is further weakened with the recent milk scandal ( do in China 2008 The Challenge for Chinese Brands Going Global 2008). Changing Western consumers perception requires years of marketing efforts (Liu and Li 2002, 704).Dominant Bargaining Power of BuyersHaier distributes its products with sell giants like Wal-Mart who have large buying power (Rosenbloom and Diane 1993, 78). These retail giants pursue mass merchandising strategies that evince low prices and low margins (Rosenbloom and Diane 1993, 80). With the global recession of 2008, retailers are likely to further squeeze Haiers margins (Bhaskaran 2008, 2). upgrade CostsThe increasing cost of labour, raw materials especially steel (Industry analysts forecast price rise for white goods 2008), embrocate as well as the strengthening of the yuan has greatly affected Haiers margins (Roberts 2008).REFERENCESAreddy, J.T. 2006. 2006 Asia 200 extend Asias 200 Most Admired Companies. Wall Street Journal. http// (accessed declination28, 2008).Bartlett, C.A. and Ghoshal, S. 2000. Going global Lessons from subsequent movers. Harvard Business Review 78 (2) 132-142. EBSCOhost. http// (accessed celestial latitude 28, 2008).Beebe, A., Chee, H., Feng, Y.Q. and Dr Shi, D.L. 2006. Going global Prospects and challenges for Chinese companies on the world stage. IBM Business Consulting Service. http// (accessed celestial latitude 16, 2008).Bhaskaran, M. 2008. The world in 2009 Expect both downside and upside surprises. 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People Skills or Technical Skills Essay

There be many efficient engineers working in softw are companies and the commonplace utterances sway coding error, realize not functioning, new feature is not getting integrated , etc. are a beloved deal heard in their workplaces. Soon after, one might witness meetings after meetings followed by night snag to fix the errors on a stringent deadline. All this is due to lack of sight skills. People skills are the most valuable nowadays because large complex dates demand highly efficient muckle skills to serve up in bringing an integrated final product.Bill Gates of Microsoft acknowledges the value of the great unwashed skills, Communications skills and the index to work well with different types of great deal are very important. he said, Software innovation, give care just ab surface every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other tasks, and to sit down and mouth with customers and get their feedback and understand their n eeds. Interpersonal skills are more important in the workplace than IT skills. In a way projects are skillful, but complexity arises as a result of cross-cultural variables, virtual teams, and the essential to achieve more in less time.To resolve issues and gather technical skills in the competitive world, great deal skills are crucial. People skills can be defined, practiced, improved continually, and best learnt experientially (Flannes, 2006). A professional can be hired to assist with technical details but a manager with people skills are strong to get. One of the quick turnaround time project experience shared by Charlie Poole (2001) on the website proves that people skills are more important to a team manager in a software ripening project.He was focused on rolling out a workable project structure with a set of stories as part of one integration cycle. For this he selected quartet programming core practices like continuous integration, small releases, onsite customer, and planning game. He did it successfully. When the project was kept in front of him, he had a few thoughts (all of which can be co-related to the seven important skills shown in bracket) about the project that had to move preliminary in just over three weeks time. He decided I wont waste time (Responsibility) Ill have to quickly turn tasks over to other people (Communication Subtleties)Im forced to recognize what parts of the project have most value (Ability to Assess) Ill do the simplest thing that works (Innovative and Caring) People may be more willing to try out a new approach (Individuals are not Fixed Objects). An effective team structuring, clarifying requirements to begin with entering into real working scenario, effective planning are some good plans that helped him accomplish the want results. Besides, Charlie had the ability to manage conflict and agreement in the first place to undertake a project and bring results in three weeks.Earlier, Charlie had the experience of being a team member himself and had grown as a lead and then as manager which gave a certain advantage in bringing the project to closure. By sharing his feelings on the web, Charlie aptly follows Writing about thought and feeling in a journal, which is considered to be one of the seven skills required for a manager. The rate of success in achieving people skills rely on how perfect one has been nurtured with the following seven important skills 1) The ability to employ four interpersonal communication techniques.2) The ability to conceptualize and apply four distinct leadership roles. 3) The ability to main course individual differences. 4) The ability to motivate individual stakeholders and teams. 5) The ability to manage conflict and agreement. 6) The ability to mediate and manage professional and personal distress. 7) Writing about thoughts and feelings in a journal and competency in cardinal active management skills. Acquiring these skills does not happen overnight. People who have been experiencing in the same state performing at various levels will have the advantage of handling any crisis situation like Charlie as in the example above.Technical skills are typically easy to observe, quantify and measure. Theyre too easy to train, because most of the time the skill sets are brand new to the learner and no unlearning is involved. The facial expression with People skills is different. Another expertise, Russ Finney (Finny, White Paper) advises that having someone on the team who is familiar with the specialized knowledge skirt selected technical environment provides confidence. Technical skills too have great values in assisting others, making suggestions, developing standards, and finally leading to leadership qualities.This implies that technical skills and people skills are not something far apart. A good technically skilled person has the chances of becoming a capable manager with people skills. If one wants to advance, he or she should never neglect People Skills Training. If you are like most IT professionals, pressed for time, overwhelmed by unfinished deadlines and working with limited budget dollars your training efforts should focus exclusively on acquiring new technical skills along with your people skills. References Finney, R. Winning Project Teams.Information technology management, White paper. Retrieved April, 18, 2009, http//www. itmweb. com/essay003. htm Flannes, S (2006). Effective people skills for the project manager a requirement for project success and career advancement. Planning, Development and Support 131-29, 19. Poole, C (2001). Three week project turnaround. Retrieved April, 18, 2009, http//c2. com/cgi/wiki? ThreeWeekProjectTurnaround Retrieved April, 18, 2009, http//www. zdnet. com. au/insight/business/soa/Tech-skills-not-as-valued-as-people-skills-/0,139023749,339284581,00. htm

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The Four basic Factors of McDonaldization

In todays complicated and ever changing society, we often try to achieve a sense of stability and familiarity around us. One office our culture has tried to make life a puny easier is by implementing a function now know as McDonaldization. McDonaldization is defined as the suffice by which the principles of the stiff feed restaurant atomic offspring 18 coming to dominate to a greater extent and more sectors of Ameri rouse society as sound as the rest of the world. (1) The success of McDonalds, and of McDonaldization as a whole, is due to four-spot basic factorsefficiency, calculability, predictability, and control.One of the first functions of McDonaldization is efficiency. Efficiency means choosing the optimum means to an given end. In our society, populate like to have things go as quickly and as smoothly as possible, but they do not want to find let out the loyalest way themselves. Instead, race like to have a system that has already been used and that they know op erate ons. Efficiency has its advantages for both consumers, who get what they want quickly and with little effort, and for workers, who can perform their tasks in a childly manner.The fast victuals industry is very streamlined, because hamburgers ar the openst ood there is to make. Other foods similarly do not need a lot of ingredients, and they atomic number 18 simple to make and to eat. Most of the food is also prep atomic number 18d so one can eat it with their hands, thereby reducing the need for utensils. In the process of McDonaldization, consumers argon forced to do a good switch of work as well. They have to stand on line, carry their sustain food, and throw out the garbage. This is not as efficient for the consumer, but it saves time for the workers.Education, health care, and the work place are wholly adequate McDonaldalized in secernate to last more efficient. Efficiency in McDonaldization has streamlined many processes, simplified goods and services, and fo rces the consumer to do work as well. An other factor of McDonaldization is calculability. This tends to put more of an emphasis on quantity or else than persona, but it allows the consumer to get a lot of food quickly. When things are well counted, it facilitates the process by qualification it more predictable by using the same amount of materials. Part of McDonalds is an emphasis on size.Everything is tops(predicate) sized, or have names that make food items seem larger than they actually are. Calculability, however, also leads to the quality of the food being neglected. Because people feel as if they are getting a lot of food for their money, they are not as worried active how good it tastes. Food is always weighed and measured precisely, which is most other part of calculability. All burgers weigh the same amount, there are the same number of fries in each container, and the advanced insobriety machines dispense the same amount to each cup. This same theory is seen in our education system.Students are herded through, and no one really pays much attention to what or how they are earning, except that they receive high grades so they can get into a good college. Health care has also seen the impact of these, because now forbearings are mainly treated erect to squeeze some money out of them, and doctors seemingly dont truly care about their patients anymore. Calculability basically reduces the quality of goods, but improves the The third function of McDonaldization is predictability. In our society, people usually want to know exactly what to expect from a given situation.Predictability gives the consumer a endure from having to make difficult decisions, and the worker can perform heir task with little effort. The needs of everyone become easily anticipated. One of the first places predictability became common was with motel chains. Before motels became franchised, guests didnt know exactly what they would be getting, for the good or the bad. But then hotels such as Holiday Inn and Howard Johnsons started, and guests knew exactly what they were going to get when they stayed there. This new practice was copied in the food industry, namely by McDonalds.First, they started with a large and noticeable sign, that could be easily recognized. People from around the world now know he McDonalds symbol is a giant yellow-bellied M. Something else that is predictable is the way employees are forced to interact with customers. Employees have a set manus that they must follow, and this gives them some control over their customers. Their work is also done in the same manner, for example, the hamburgers all must be cooked the exact same way for the same amount of time. They also must crop and act in a certain way.Customers themselves behave predictably in fast food restaurants, as they get their food, carry it to their table, eat, clean their trash, and leave. Now everyone knows this is the ay one must act in a fast food restaurant. The food itself is predictable as well, and there are not many choices in fast food restaurants. It is basically the same from food chain to food chain. Predictability is also found in other institutions, such as in education. Professors usually stand in the front of the class, near a blackboard while they lecture.Most colleges offer the same type of classes, and even testing is similar, if multiple choice tests are used. Health care as well is based on a series of rules, regulations and controls that restrict the physicians and bear their behavior controlled. Malls, home cooking, housing, and vacations are all getting very predictable as well. Predictability is achieved in a number of ways, mainly by the replication of settings, the use of scripts and a routine way of acting, as well as a routine product. The final dimension of McDonaldization is increased control.Recently, new technologies have been developed in order to control the actions of the people. Robots and computers ar e both easier to deal with and to manage than people. Organizations hope to gain control over people by using and developing new and more effective technologies. One people are controlled, their behavior is easily manageable and machinelike, and when that happens, people can then be replaced by robots. Fast food restaurants do not have cooks, because that would mean they were forced to rely on one person.Instead, their is a simple process that anyone can be trained to do, and following certain steps leads to the same product. McDonalds already as a number of new technologies which reduces the need for actual people to work. There is a soft drink dispenser that shuts itself off automatically, a french fry machine that can cook the fries tself, and a funds register with the prices preset. Robots have a number of advantages over people, because they cost less, increase efficiency, need fewer workers, and they are never absent. Customers are controlled by the management as well.People know exactly what they must do in a drive through window, and also what to do inside the restaurant. Management discourages people from staying in the restaurant for very long, so that there is more room for other customers. The food is designed to be eaten quickly, and with little mess. In most food industries, technologies where humans basic role is only to plan nd maintain the system is becoming dominant, and replacing the processes where people must be skilled in order to work. Education is McDonaldized as well, because professors must follow a set curriculum, and class periods must conform to a certain length.Health care is controlled by various rules and bureaucracies, which are designed to control both the patient and the doctors. Advertising is used now at a more personal level, and tries to control the minds of the people into intellection a certain way. The main objective of control is the reduce the uncertainties of a business, and technology tries to control work relate d rocesses, as well as the finished product. McDonaldization is found all around us, even at Hofstra University. One aspect of university life which has become greatly McDonaldized is the enrolment process.At Hofstra, students must choose their own classes from a given list, and then meet with their advisor to approve it. They then have to take their registration card to Memorial Hall, where they take a number, and wait for their turn to be called. Only then can your For the first factor of McDonaldization, efficiency, the registration process is definitely not up to par. When students first get to Memorial, they are forced to take a number, like at a deli counter. They then must wait. And wait. And wait, just for their number to be called.Students are forced to wait for sometimes as long as lead or four hours to make a schedule. Although it is better than a random free for all, with everyone scrambling around at the same time, there is still much that can be done to improve it. At some parts of the day, there are as few as three windows open, with more than one degree Celsius students postponement. This process can hardly be called efficient, when some other niversities have phone or electronic registration, which can be completed in a few Calculability is also seen during the registration process.The main vagary is to try to complete as many schedules in the shortest amount of time. However, this causes students to not receive any individualise attention, and they are forced to make their schedules on their own with little guidance. This is because the main interest is on quantity, rather than the quality of the schedules. In fact, the school prefers to have the lack of guidance, because it causes students to take unnecessary credits, and they then ust spend more time in school, while paying even more money. This system is fairly predictable, although not in a good way.During registration time, students know that they will have to spend many hours just waiting in line with nothing to do. They also can predict there will not be any seats left, that half of the windows will be closed by lunch time, and that it will always be about a million degrees in the waiting area. Students also are used to the grey-headed schedule booklets, as well as the yellow registration cards. Seeing either of those items leads the students to think about xactly what they must go through, in order to register successfully.The final element, control, is seen as well. Students are being controlled by a tiny little slip of paper they hold in their hand, which has a simple number on it. That number signifies their place on line, but it was generated by a computer, which keeps track of how many people are waiting. Students also rely on the kiosk system, which shows which classes are still open, and which have been closed out. These factors sustain keep registration as a controlled process. McDonaldization is becoming more and more prevalent in todays changing world.However, it allows us to expect certain things, helps us to manage our time better, and make life in usual a little bit simpler. It also, however, cuts down on the individuals of our society, and forces them to conform to a set standard, which is considered the norm. Some places are able to use McDonaldization effectively, while others are still struggling to implement it in a way which makes it work. It is a complicated process, which requires a good deal of thinking and brainstorming to manage successfully. All in all, McDonaldization has both positive and negative impacts on our world.