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Columbine Book Report (1-100)

Columbine by Dave Cullen (pages 1-100) I. Summary Columbine High School (CHS) is a suburban public school located in Jefferson County, Colorado. Frank DeAngelis, a middle aged man who had previously coached football and baseball for sixteen years at Columbine, was the principal of the close-knit high school. He was loved by his students and admired by his staff for his ability to address his students as mature adults. The student body looked up to him and appreciated his truthfulness and lack of sugarcoating when serious topics were being discussed.Three days before prom an assembly was called to strengthen the awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Instead of just lecturing the students Mr. DeAngelis used his own life experiences to teach and guide the students along the safe paths that still allowed for occasional goofing off. The author, Dave Cullen, then jerks the focus of the book to the teenage boys who would later kill twelve students, one teacher, and severely wound twenty-three of their peers.Eric Harris and Dlyan Klebold were the typical high school students, albeit they had some distinctive quirks that set them aside from the rest of their peers. Eric Harris was a psychopath; this fact allowed him to commit a terrible crime without feeling empathy or remorse for his victims. However, on the outside he was anything but antisocial (or criminal). Eric smoke, drank, dated—all within a close circle of friends. Yet, he was excellent at manipulation. His lies were so finely tuned that even his ex-military father suspected nothing. Eric received a slew of A’s from his teachers; every single one of them considered him a â€Å"good kid†.No one ever suspected that anything as devastating or horrifying could erupt from such a well-rounded kid from a nice family. This is why Dave Cullen’s description of Dylan Klebold who â€Å"tried extremely hard to emulate Eric† was not mistaken. Although Dylan was considerably smarter than Eric, Eric seemed to have a hold on Dylan’s authentically shy demeanor. Dylan, being more self-conscious, latched onto Eric’s strong personality that radiated confidence. Moreover, Dylan was suicidally depressed, which left him vulnerable to Eric’s manipulative ways. II. AnalysisUnderstanding who the perpetrators were behind the Columbine shooting continues to be the most compelling theme dictated throughout the entirety of the first one hundred pages of Dave Cullen’s masterpiece Columbine. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both unbelievably smart teens who had shared an impossible friendship held together by a mutual dislike of society. Although sharing this bond, by no means were they alike—which is why their association with each other astounds investigators to this day. Neither of the boys came from broken families or had diagnosed issues that could have raised a red flag to anyone paying close enough attent ion.Eric had a small police record for blowing up illegal fireworks, but that was the extent of his â€Å"criminal† records. Dylan was even less on the (philosophical) radar. He was naturally quiet, yet more aware of his surroundings. If Dylan had not known Eric, it is guaranteed that the damage he did would only be to himself. Dylan never would have taken the lives of other people if he had succeeded in taking his own life first. This is thoroughly discussed by the author for a significant amount of each chapter. Eric’s initial influence on Dylan drastically increases when they start making plans for the massacre.The now copious amounts of time the boys spent together deepened the influence they had on each other, but Dylan seemed overwhelmed throughout the entirety of the author’s writing. Dylan’s clothing style, taste in music, taste in girls, and his general interests appeared to mirror Eric’s as progression through the hundred page section was made. Dylan inevitably lost what little he had of his individuality. III. Personal Opinion I am thoroughly enjoying Dave Cullen’s Columbine. This book took ten years to write; I completely understand why he waited and appreciate the time he took to methodically research the Columbine Massacre.The way Cullen embeds his research into a fast paced storyline is flawless and it continues to inspire me to learn and use the same technique. By clearly writing â€Å"But nothing separated the boys’ personalities like a run-in with authority. Dylan would be hyperventilating, Eric calmly calculating. Eric’s cool head steered them clear of most trouble†¦Ã¢â‚¬ , Cullen clearly illustrates subtle personality differences in a way that also depicts what kind of lives they led. I'm not saying that run-ins with the police happened frequently (it’s actually quite on the contrary), however the clarity is refreshing.A reader can move along without tripping over words t hat are weakly juxtaposed together. One aspect of Dave Cullen’s writing intrigues me more than anything. The way he smoothly transitions between the past and present allows for careful plot lines to thoroughly develop into an interesting piece of careful, intelligent research that includes incredible diction. In a passage on page nineteen Cullen writes â€Å"Most nights included an open-mike period, where you could watch an aging drunk strum ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ segue into the Gilligan’s Island theme, and forget the words. , Cullen’s dry tone brings humor to the carefully written sentence. IV. Quote Response â€Å"Eric was always a dreamer, but he liked them ugly: bleak and morose, yet boring as hell. He saw beauty in the void. Eric dreamed of a world where nothing ever happened. A world where the rest of us had been removed†¦. Anger turned inwards equals depression. Dylan Klebold was not a man of action. He was conscripted by a boy who was. † (page 45) This quote accurately describes each of the boys’ personalities in a simple yet dignified way.Analyzing the boys themselves becomes easier when you have a glimpse into their psyche. Part of Cullen’s research actually included reading journals written by Eric and Dylan, so theories that are drawn or compiled by Cullen are that much more reliable. Although these are still opinions there is hard evidence that this quote developed from, which is why it is the most important quote within the first one hundred pages. Knowledge that Eric was considered â€Å"a dreamer† is particularly helpful to the reader.Habitually being in your own world (head) leads to some level of development of an antisocial demeanor, however Eric was anything but antisocial. This is an interesting variable that further complicates the question of Why?. Conversely, Dylan was shy and not as confident. Cullen does not state this in the quote specifically. When Cullen writes Dyla n â€Å"was conscripted by a boy who was†, the interpretation is partly left to the reader’s understanding of the phrase â€Å"a boy who was†. Dylan was just there; no purpose or goal, he just was†¦.

Human Interest

The speaker’s split feelings reflected in the broken form of the sonnet in â€Å"Human Interest† In â€Å"Human Interest† the speaker has split feelings about his dead girlfriend, which are reflected in the form of the poem. The reader can see feelings of love, regret and grief and on the contrary feelings of hate and anger. The break between those divided feelings is visible in the broken form of the sonnet. The poem represents a broken form of the original Petrarchan sonnet. Firstly looking at the form of the poem the reader sees that there are 14 lines what indicates that he is looking at a sonnet.The rhyme scheme is identical with the typical rhyme scheme of the sonnet as abbaabba cdcdcd. Moreover there are 4 stanzas as in the sonnet, but the way the stanzas are constructed questions the thought of it being a typical one: In a sonnet there are 4 lines in the first stanza, 4 in the second and in each following stanza 3 lines. In â€Å"Human Interest† th ere is the scheme 4343. In other words there is an untypical break between line 7 and 8, the poem is punctiliously tore apart at that point. In different parts of the poem it is visible that the speaker has divided feelings.His feelings are turning over from hate and anger to love, grief and regret. The former is for instance illustrated in ‘I slogged my guts out for her’ (line 5). That sentence creates the impression of the speaker reproaching his dead girlfriend. It shows his disappointment because it seems like nothing he had done for her would have been worth it, all he got was her unfaithfulness and cheating. The use of the strong word ? slogged? reinforces that effect. To put it another way, it seems like he tries to legitimate his deed.In contrast to that aspect of legitimating his deed, the reader is able to see some expression of regret in line 12ff. where the speaker says ‘When I think about her now, I near choke / with grief. ’. It shows that he suffers, he ‘near choke’ and how sad he is about her not being there anymore. As a result the speaker expresses different feelings that do not fit together, he has thoughts of hate and shortly after he seems to be in love and sad about his deed. In addition it is to say that those split feelings are not only expressed in the words but are also visible in the form of the poem.The change of the speaker’s feelings happens between line 7 and 8. The speaker tilts over from ‘She stank of deceit. ‘ (line 7) to ‘I loved her. ‘ (line 8). The former is absolutely an expression of scorn, reinforced by the word ‘stank‘. There is a crack to the following expression of love. It behaves in exactly the same way with the form of the poem at that point: As already mentioned there is an untypical break between line 7 and 8, where the form of the sonnet is punctiliously tore apart.That split of the speaker’s feelings is exactly at the same point where the poem breaks the form of the sonnet apart. To sum up, the speaker’s feelings are visible aside from different parts of the poem in its form. There are a lot of negative feelings of hate and anger expressed in the first part of this poem, which turn over in line 8 to feelings of love. That break of feelings also demonstrates the broken form of the sonnet. (597 words)

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CASE 1 1. Explain the difference between the three types of server virtualization using the first video. 1) Virtualization: virtualization uses a special kind of software called a hypervisor. The hypervisor interacts directly with the physical server's CPU and disk space. It serves as a platform for the virtual servers' operating systems. The hypervisor keeps each virtual server completely independent and unaware of the other virtual servers running on the physical machine.Each guest server runs on its own OS — even have one guest running on Linux and another on Windows. The hypervisor monitors the physical server's resources. As virtual servers run applications, the hypervisor relays resources from the physical machine to the appropriate virtual server. Hypervisors have their own processing needs, which mean that the physical server must reserve some processing power and resources to run the hypervisor application. This can impact overall server performance and slow down appl ications. ) Para-virtualization: Para-virtualization approach is a little different. Unlike the full virtualization technique, the guest servers in a Para-virtualization system are aware of one another. A Para-virtualization hypervisor doesn't need as much processing power to manage the guest operating systems, because each OS is already aware of the demands the other operating systems are placing on the physical server. The entire system works together as a cohesive unit. 3) OS-level virtualization: OS-level virtualization approach doesn't use a hypervisor at all.Instead, the virtualization capability is part of the host OS, which performs all the functions of a fully virtualized hypervisor. The biggest limitation of this approach is that all the guest servers must run the same OS. Each virtual server remains independent from all the others, but you can't mix and match operating systems among them. Because all the guest operating systems must be the same, this is called a homogeneo us environment. 2. Why is virtualization important to a company like Hudson’s Bay Company? How did that factor into their decision to partner with IBM?For this company, they have lots of contact directly with their customer that they need to have great efficiency to serve their customer and did a right statistic and accurate record to establish their information system to see how to make them better. Virtualization can help them realize the capacity, delivered as promise and decline the timing when they are planning. For example, they want to create an image that once might take an hour, but after, it takes only in minutes. It helps them save time that adds more efficiency for them.About their decision to partner with IBM, IBM led to industry that they believe it will be an innovation and useful for their company operating to cooperate with them and it will also benefit in both of them. 3. What kind of companies are likely to use a storage area network (SAN)? The company whic h has massive information to flow in and out will likely to use SAN that’s because it will protect the information from the suddenly down of computer, and company still can use the information they want on the Cloud. A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, block level data storage.SANs are primarily used to make storage devices, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes, accessible to servers so that the devices appear like locally attached devices to the operating system. A SAN typically has its own network of storage devices that are generally not accessible through the local area network by other devices. The cost and complexity of SANs dropped in the early 2000s to levels allowing wider adoption across both enterprise and small to medium sized business environments. A SAN does not provide file abstraction, only block-level operations.However, file systems built on top of SANs do provide file-level access, and are known as SAN file systems or shared disk file systems. 4. Can you think of any risks involved in virtualization? Although, virtualization emphasize the efficiency of minimize the risk that they enhance the security by centralized IT management, easily update service packs& patches and easily restore servers. Once, it was really damage and lost any control, it might be totally break down, because such as all of the desktop are manage by one central sever.If the information are hike it once, it would happened at the same way because centralize all the things in one place, and it would be the risk that we have think about it. 5. Explain why virtualization is considered a â€Å"green† technology. Virtualization can improve the percentage of resources using, increase the flexibility of IT, decrease the system’s operation time, help to cut down the human resources to manage and achieve the function of environment protecting of saving energy and reduce carbon dioxide. Green technology, also called environment technology, is an application of environment science to sustain the natural environment and to reduce the negative effects from human activities. Sustainable development is the core goal of green technology. Because virtualization let many companies to reduce the wasting of hardware and the environment impact from those companies. So we think virtualization is such a kind of green technology.

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Wooden truss Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wooden truss - Assignment Example Materials In selecting any material, it is necessary to put into consideration a number of factors including cost, performance, safety and regulation. The following materials are needed during the construction of a wooden roofing truss. Wood Truss plates Nails Hammer (claw hammer) Tape measure Marking pen Saw (cross saw and tenon saw) The step-by-step construction process Step I: A research should be conducted to ensure that the designed truss suits the project or building. In addition, the truss should not violate local and international codes. Moreover, it should be designed to meet wind load, snow load and any other load associated with building structures. Figure 1 shows basic truss members Figure 1: Basic wooden truss members Step 2: Truss design The selected truss design should suit the building. Measure and cut materials for a truss using the recommended measurements taking into accounts the pieces together using nails and using correct dimensions. All connectio ns should be tightly fitted Select the best quality for top cord and the bottom cord. These areas bear the highest stress. Figure 2 shows various forces acting on a bridge that an engineer should consider while making a design. Figure 2: A representation of a truss under the compression and tension forces. Nail all truss connections on a solid, level ground. Nails must penetrate all gussets and plates The amount of load that a timber can sustain for a given period is determined using the modification factor table shown on appendix III. Step 3: select appropriate lumber for the truss Softwoods are most preferred for making lumbers. The following factors are considered while selecting the lumber for a truss; Size of the lumber Quality of the lumber Straightness It should be kiln... Wooden trusses the most common types used in building and construction industry today because they are cheap and requires less labor and experience to construct. Roofing materials are designed to support various building loads. In addition, trusses come in various shapes and sizes In selecting any material, it is necessary to put into consideration a number of factors including cost, performance, safety and regulation. The following materials are needed during the construction of a wooden roofing truss. A research should be conducted to ensure that the designed truss suits the project or building. In addition, the truss should not violate local and international codes. Moreover, it should be designed to meet wind load, snow load and any other load associated with building structures. Figure 1 shows basic truss members. The size/shape of a wood truss is requires that some field assembly be done. The installer should ensure proper field assembly is done. In addition, the building compo nent safety lists all details that guide a field installer on how to place a truss on the wall.

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The Wannsee Conference Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Wannsee Conference - Essay Example According to the study the plan based on the deportation of Jewish population of both French North Africa and Europe to areas occupied by Germans in the Eastern Europe. The Jews fit for labor were to be used on road building projects, in the event of which they would perish in accordance with the Wannsee protocol. Those who would still be surviving would be annihilated after projects’ completion. As the Soviet and Allied forces pushed back the German lines, many of the German Jews who occupied Europe were taken to concentration or extermination camps, or were killed in cold blood. This paper highlights that Heydrich opened the meeting with a remark of the measure taken on the anti-Jewish in Germany from the time Nazi seized power in 1933. He uttered that 530,000 Austrian and German Jews had emigrated between 1933 and 1941. He got this information from a briefing paper that was prepared for him by Eichmann who had become an expert on practicalities of finding a solution of the â€Å"Jewish question†. He had gained his experience in the organization of forceful emigration of the Viennese Jews in the year 1938. Heydrich reported to the members in the meeting that there were about eleven million Jews in the entire Europe. He then retorted that out of this number half were in countries that were not under German rule. Evacuating the Jews to the east was his provisional solution to the problem as emigration of the authorities had prohibited the evacuation European Jews. Heydrich cleared on the ultimate fate intention for the evacuees. He said that under prope r guidelines, in the line of the final solution, the Jews were to be allocated labor appropriately in the east. Jews of able-bodies separated by sex were to be taken to heavy work columns in road construction sites. It was assured that in the event of the actions, a large number would be eliminated by natural factors.  

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Dance 100 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dance 100 - Essay Example While the tune yard dance has human voice in the sound, dancing in the rain only has a background tune. Dancing in the rain presents numerous elements of connection concept, where the dancers move close and away from one another throughput the dance. Throughout the dance sequence connection becomes increasingly clear as the dancers move across the entire dancing floor. There are momentary numerous instances when the smooth movement of the dancers occurs with instant stops of the movement. The body movements of the dancers remain extremely unique and display immense mastery of the movement. Extensions of the arms and the sliding movements of the legs appear to be enhanced by the occurrence of water on the ground, which enables the movement. Tune yards present the concept of lead follow in performing the dance. A single dancer appears in front of the rest as the leader with the remainder of the dancers following dance moves which the leader utilises. Throughout the dance movements of the dancers within the dance always has a leading individual with the others following the movements developed by the leader. The dancers contribute significantly to the music through singing and making other sounds which create the music. The movement of the dancers is well coordinated and the use the same moves for the entire group throughout the dance. This appears to make the dance coordinated and well planned. Choreographers of the dance appear to have selected different scenes which appear to fit the setting of the dance being performed. The beginning of the dances clearly identify the setting of dance through identifying the location which the dance takes place. The uniformity of the tune yards dance is presented through the dancers being dressed in a uniform dress-code. Dancing in the rain, however, presents dancers doing independent dance styles and the dancers are also dressed in different clothing. The patterns and coordination in the two dances can be

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CRITICALL REVIEW AND JUDGE THE EVOLVING ROLE OF THE ANAESTHETIC NURSE - Essay Example During this time, there were high mortality rates arising from use of anaesthesia during surgical operations. Anaesthetic nursing training evolved in three distinct phases in both Europe and the United States. In the first phase, nurses were initially trained through apprenticeship by surgeons on how to administer anaesthesia. The student nurse was then taken through anaesthesia administration training as part of the second phase in the development of anaesthesia. Specialized training in higher institution of learning began to offer postgraduate training in nursing anaesthesia from the beginning of the 20th century. This was the third phase of anaesthetic training across the globe (Handerfelt, 2006). The first UK anaesthesia was administered in 1945 according to Kane and Smith (2003). Educational qualification for professional anaesthetics was first developed through the introduction of a diploma in anaesthesia for professional nurses. As a result, the faculty of anaesthetics at the Royal College of Surgeons of England was created; a charter granted to the college in 1992 saw it develop to the Royal College of Anaesthetists. The royal college of anaesthetist has a responsibility of ensuring that the quality of patients care is improved in line with the standards of the association. Alice Magaw was called the ‘mother of anaesthesia’ for her pioneer role in the anaesthesia administration. Catholic nuns in the initial development of this nursing profession also played a major role. As many hospitals within this period were developed by religious organisations, the religious leaders had a major role too in the development of this speciality (Bankert, 1989). Initial administration of anaesthesia also met a lot of resistance and theatre room revolt among patients. This was due to the uncontrolled administration of the drug during the early stages of anaesthesia development. Anaesthetic use was then associated with the high number of theatre deaths in the hospitals. This caused public panic and negative awareness on the effects and importance of anaesthesia. A frontier was therefore created for the nurse anaesthetics to prove that their role was meant to save and not to end life (Hadenfelt, 2006). The anaesthetic nursing profession grew and developed during the World War 1 as more nurses were captured and force to serve at the forefront. Today, this is one of the most decorated professions in the military of the United States and anaesthetic nurses are always honoured for their services to the soldiers. After the demand for anaesthetic nurses during the World War 1, most institutions developed nursing anaesthetic programs to help bridge the existing deficit. Nursing anaesthetics are assigned major roles in major hospitals where they educated other nurses and medical interns on anaesthesia (Bankert, 1989). With this profession growing and demand increasing, the American association of nurse anaesthetists (AANA) was formed in 1931 to represent the anaesthetic nurses in the country. This association had a mandate to ensure the promotion of operation standards and provide consultation services to government agencies whenever necessary. The association also ensures that more professional are trained in this profession so as to keep up with the rising demand for anaesthetic services. Different agents have also been used as anaesthesia from the first time this medical application was discovered. Opium, an

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Intro to business Past exam paper Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Intro to business Past exam paper - Coursework Example It includes variables like suppliers, customers, competitors and public. On the other hand, macro factors are those that have an indirect impact on the business, also known as PESTEL. It includes factors that create opportunities and threats to business and is categorized as the far environment. These include variables such as political, environmental, socio-cultural, technological, economic and legal. (ii) The purpose of macro environment analysis is to determine the opportunities and threats to the farming industry as a whole and those outside the control of the company. External factors that affected the agricultural industry includes economic, technological, socio-cultural, environmental and political. All factors were considered as they play a part in determining the overall business environment. Economic factors include inflation rate, growth in spending power, exchange rates and economic growth. Opportunities can be that higher national income growth may boost demand for a fir m's products and chances for expansion increases. On the other hand, a strong currency may make exporting more difficult as prices in terms of foreign currency rises. Also inflation may provoke higher wage demands from employees and raise costs. With respect to technological factors, internet played a crucial role and gave way to online orders and delivery systems. Opportunities in the future may include complex operational systems installation that may cut down on labor costs, improve quality and lead to new innovations and make it attractive as a segment. Threats can be the probable advancement of technology making prior systems obsolete. Socio- cultural factors played an equally important role in farming industry. Change in trends where consumers demand for fresh products provided business opportunities to farmers and provide scope for innovation. Entertainment dimension added onto the development of this industry. However, trends changes and there exist a niche market that deman ds such products which might get concentrated. This can thus pose as a threat to agricultural industry. In Environmental factors, Physical factors of climate relief and soils affected the business positively. With major climate changes and greater environmental awareness this external factor is becomes a significant issue for firms to consider. However, going for environmental friendly products and processes can create business opportunities now and in the future as well. Threats can be Laws on waste disposal, energy consumption, pollution monitoring etc. that would add to the cost of the businesses operating. 2. (i) Two main sources of U.K. laws include Legislation (Statue Law), Common Law (Judge-made Law) and the European Communities law. Legislation are most authoritative and passed by parliament whereas common law includes cases where there was no judicial precedent but which were known to exist since time memorial. Company law, or corporate law, of U.K. can be broken down into two main fields. Corporate governance in the UK mediates the rights and duties among shareholders, employees, creditors and directors. Corporate finance concerns the two money raising options of incorporators the above mention laws can directly affect the operations of Ford Company in UK. (ii) There are broadly four types of business ownership. The most basic form is sole proprietorship. It is owned by one person who is the in charge of day-to-day activities of the business and owns all the assets and bears

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Abraham Lincoln Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Abraham Lincoln - Research Paper Example The article has also discussed about his role in binding both the North and the South and peace which has been brought due to his efforts. However, despite his mild and good-hearted character, his followers seem to be provoked on his death and efforts were made subsequently to change his character and his nature. For example, many attempted to make a pious and religious man despite the fact that he was not interested in being following religion the way people were following it. (Time) Article by Jon Swaine which appeared in Telegraph on Feb 11, 2011 suggested that till his last days, Lincoln wanted free black slaves to be shipped to British colonies. This article suggests that though Lincoln was an anti-slavery politician who took practical efforts to denounce slavery in the country and freed four million slaves in America however, was interested in idea of sending slaves to British colonies. The overall purpose of this idea was to disallow blacks to live among American whites. This therefore creates an impression that Lincoln was supporter of colonialism and relatively held racist views about blacks. This article attempts to challenge one of the key assumptions about Lincoln and his overall images which emerged over the period of time. (Swaine) The article â€Å"Lincoln Reconsidered† discusses about his time as a politician before and during civil war. This essay argues about the basic political philosophies of Lincoln and argues against the popular notion that Lincoln was an archetypal republican and a person who attempted to reconstruct the ideological differences between different groups within the country. Author therefore gives an entirely different version about the way he considers Lincoln as the republican or not. Author argues that it was not only Lincoln who was advocating against slavery and other ills of American society at that time but Newspapers as well as other Republicans were also voicing same concerns. (Holt) The above articles

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The Pirates of the Caribbean Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Pirates of the Caribbean - Essay Example First, the act of human slavery has not been eradicated totally. Secondly, the accounts on slavery give a very strong indication of why those ‘dark’ days of slave trade should never be revisited. Context in which each text was produced The Pirates of the Caribbean is set around a context of rescue mission. But there is a whole ironic contextual twist to this as the rescue, which was to be done for the governor’s daughter by Blacksmith Will Turner was done in conjunction with a pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Due to the love of Blacksmith Will Turner for the governor’s daughter, it can be said that the rescue mission was based on love. This therefore creates a context of the need to die for a person’s loved one even if it at times calls for doing this by fair or foul means. Slavery and capture are depicted in the context of producing The Pirates of the Caribbean because we see the governor’s daughter being captured into what was certainly to be e nslavement. With reference to Emmanuel Appadocca, there is the context of consequences of undermining the integrity of others. This is because Emmanuel Appadocca set himself on the path of revenge purposely to proof to the rich sugar planter, James Wilmington that if it was his mother (Emmanuel’s mother) he did not have respect for, he Emmanuel was in a position to show that there was a way he could defend the integrity of his mother. The approach was indeed questionable and so this also brings to fore, the idea that when a person is forced to act for someone he loves, it is mostly done by every means possible – even if through a foul means. Genres and how they influenced the Text All two sets of work; that is The Pirates of the Caribbean and Emmanuel Appadocca have genres of action, adventure and fantasy. However, the mediums through which these two great works of literature were carried have a lot of influence on the messages and contextual themes they carried. Indee d, films and novels carry the same theme in different fashions. It is for this reason that there are several film versions of novels that had existed for long. In fact it would be expected that when a film and a novel are depicting the same theme, the film would have a realistic appeal of the theme than the novel. But indeed as far as the theme of slavery is concerned, the same cannot be said of The Pirates of the Carribean as against Emmanuel Appadocca. This is because in Emmanuel Appadocca, the writer’s setting and central theme was indeed at the time of the slave trade. This means that the writer had more exemplifying and elaborative way of presenting the issue of slavery than in The Pirates of the Caribbean. In the latter, though there was the theme of slavery, much of the writer’s attention was on the rescue and the love relationship that existed between Blacksmith Will Turner and the governor’s daughter. Due to this, a lot of the action that the power of m otion had in the film was centered on the rescue theme rather than elaborating on the plight and hardship associated with the capture. In the novel also, due to the lack of motion, the writer was forced to be really sentimental with his presentation on issues of slavery and so could better depict slavery through writing than it was through motion picture. Intended audience for text Some way some

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Marlows lie Essay

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Marlows lie - Essay Example Marlow’s lie is in the focus of further discussion on the example of his interpretations of Kurtz’s phenomenon. He claims that he does not lie, though he confirms that there were three cases when he lied: the station manager, Kurtz and the Intended heard wrong things from Marlow (Stape, 2004). Marlow lies throughout the novel though contextual background of the novel differs greatly. He is thrown back and forth from savage customs identification and civilized behavior distinction. His further ideas and behavior are developed under conditions of blurred borders between noise of savage and civilization: â€Å"Yet despite Marlow’s insistence, all binary oppositions collapse in the course of his narrative: colonists prove to be conquerors, the gang of virtue is indistinguishable from the gang of greed, the illusions of women merely echo the illusions of men, and there is no clear distinction between lies and truth† (Kaplan 1997, p. 323). This way, Marlowâ€⠄¢s attitude to lie can be interpreted in these frames. Moreover, his acts of lying can be considered on three main backgrounds: his desire to preserve his own ideas about Kurtz, lie as an act of humanity and lie as a means of reality hindrance. Marlow’s lie: lie for what? Generally speaking, Marlow is a complicated and interesting character depicted in the novel. The author intentionally contrasts a human nature to black background. Maybe, Conrad’s intention was to show the darkness of human inner world and not the darkness of African continent: â€Å"The monstrous prevails and the human and artistic potential miscarries. There is a downward tug in Kurtz's involvement with the wilderness and he descends into a brute existence† (Billy 1997, p. 26). Madness dominates in the inner world of Kurtz. Kurtz reflects a dualistic human nature. Lights and darkness exist one by one. When darkness starts prevailing, then anarchy exists everywhere. A strange and dualistic na ture of human darkness can be defined as â€Å"something strange that derives its existence from the hinterland of man's mind, as if it had emerged from the abyss of prehuman ages, or from a superhuman world of contrasting light and darkness. It is a primordial experience which surpasses man's understanding and to which in his weakness he may easily succumb" (Boyle 1964, p. 160). Marlow should not be considered as a liar. He talked about darkness of London in Roman epoch. Romans conquered Britons and Conrad talked about the Belgians conquering Africans. Generally, Conrad intended to show an inner struggle of the self within his inner world. A personified symbolism (Bloom 1987, p. 34) of the ways human soul fights against duality and lie is shown by Conrad throughout the paper. Marlow’s lie is interpreted by Brown (2004) as follows: "Despite his [Marlow's] earlier avowal of a profound aversion to lying, Marlow has already admitted to sacrificing truth to expediency on three p revious occasions" (Brown 2000, p. 14). Still, Brown’s arguments are often criticized. It is necessary to discuss what is lying for Marlow in more details. A breakdown of Marlow's character could be seen when he lied to the Intended. Marlow wanted to give a wrong impression about what happened. Marlow’s intention to give a different representation of real facts to public about himself was seen from the very beginning of the novel, when he sat like Buddha. In that case he wanted to show that he takes nothing with him, but peace. Further wanderings and adventures of Marlow revealed real intentions of this character. Therefore, lying accompanies Marlow throughout the novel. In case when he needed more rivets for his boat, he asked the brickmaker about them but did it through lying.

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Electrical and electrochemical activities of heart Essay Example for Free

Electrical and electrochemical activities of heart Essay Heart is the chief organ of body it can be defined as â€Å"The hollow muscular organ its rhythmic retrenchment flows blood all the way throughout the body†. (Heart electrical) Natural pace maker is established in human heart, this pace maker start working from right atria and ventricle it stimulates their muscles. Sinoarterial node SAN is found in between upper portion of the heart, after stimulating right portion of heart it stimulates the left atria and ventricle afterward adrenaline is secreted from nervous system which speed up the spark electrical impulses or in supplementary words regulates the electrical impulses. Normal heart beats are 72 per minute but in case of running, exercising, taking stress high fever heart beats are increased because Nervous system release more adrenaline. Another motivating topic of our article covers is electrocardiogram that is the measurement of heart beats by special electrode on paper or screen. So at this point in this article we will study in detail regulatory activities of heart which factors are involves in regulation of heart beats and keeps heart normal and vigorous, how these factors are generated and how did they achieve their work this is all we are going to study in element to enhance our understandings about facts of science. Electrical and electrochemical activities of heart In human heart natural pace maker is found, the function which naturally has been given to pace maker is to regulate the heart for performing this responsibility it has to go from very different phases. Pace maker is found in the superior right portion of heart that is Right atrium this is the place from where the pace maker gathers the specialized cells termed as â€Å"Sino arterial node â€Å"so these cells are also termed as pace maker. As the heart beats it generates the electrical sparks per minute, the spark which has been generated by specialized cell, the function of these sparks is to stimulate the muscles. First it stimulates the superior chamber of heart it has to wait unless the atria get empty from blood. After stimulating the upper atria it stimulates the ventricles electrically, similarly it affects the left atria and ventricle in this sequence. If we go in depth we will come to know that everything function of body is being controlled by the nervous system, here nervous system is releasing the adrenaline the adrenaline is computable to increase or speed up the sparks per minute, the normal heart beats are 72 per minute but incase of fever, excitement, stress or any mental or physical stress can speedup the rate of heart beats in result breathless condition occur while on the other during resting situation it is decreased . Let us talk about the phases or ladder which takes place in the electrical activity of heart ,As we have talked before it is generated in the sinoatrial node (SAN) which is located in superior Right chamber of heart this is the location from where these electrical impulses propagated to the artrioventricular node ( AVN ) artrioventricular node is seen between the atria and ventricles. After reaching at (AVN) these electrical impulse are send to the into branching tissues right bundle branch is termed as (RBBB) and left bundle branch is termed is as the (LBBB) there are further more division to there Left bundle branches which are known as fascicles first of all electrical impulses are generated in SAN which primary makes the right and left atria to treaty and after couple of seconds it makes right and left ventricle to contract this depolarization takes place continuously in every 2-3 seconds, when SAN is at rest it makes 60-70 signals a minute rate can be speedup by SAN due to exercise or and physical activity which can produce stressed up condition. When SAN fails to work AVN can takes its position but AVN is slow as compare to SAN the reason is that SAN at resting position produces 60-7- signals while AVN at resting position produces 30-40 signals which are very less as compare to SAN’S signals. ( How heart works) this sequence of electrical activities of heart can be noted by electrocardiogram this is the process by which activities can be registered on paper by special electrode use for this process (Heart Electrical Activity). In human body there are many chemicals found every chemical has its own duty assign by nature in regulation of heart there are also few chemicals involved which stimulates the function of heart . Neuroendocrine system helps heart to maintain its regulation this system is linked with the brain and endocrine system this is the system in which neurons and endocrine system work together electrical impulses are given by SAN whereas the endocrine system gives the chemical impulses , Neuroendocrine system is the complex system which work together this is very complicated system , it uses the nerve symbol to and changes the activity of cells as well the diameter of blood vessels it can also effect the heart rate and the rate of contraction. ( Heart Failure) Electrochemical activities of heart stimulate the heart beats heart regulation, they play very important role in life, in the body as everything depends upon the function of hearts because when heart gets electrical stimulation it transport/ pumps the blood to the system another factor which helps in pumping the blood is heart beats which is also generated by stimulation of muscles. standard heart beats are 72 per minute which are created by stimulation of heart muscles but if they are less than harmfl affects are possible to the body the less then normal heart beats could be 35 – 40 heart beats per minute then blood stream to body’s organ reduces which is dangerous (How heart works) It is a firm believe that reduction in I reduces AP polarization which in result reduces the electrochemical diving force similarly amount of SR Ca is also reduces which is necessary for the contraction of hearts muscles if we go in depth we will come to know that Na, I, K also reduces due to some abnormality and it is like a chain system if one thing is affected the entire system will be affected but here we are sescribing only the loss cause by reduction in Ca as Ca is reduced it reduces heart beats and blood transport is reduced if thing is not cover soon it can cause breathless condition as blood carries oxygen and reduction in heart beats reduces blood transport so this is one bad trait for body. Similarly reduction in I causes reduction in polarization this system is interlinked with one an other. It has also been believed that potassium K changes into HF and HF reduces Ca, it has been observed that many late HF patients who doesn’t notice their ailment before gets death because of heart abnormality, DADs, EADs and Refs decreased the amount of Ca in myocytes this reduced amount of Ca in myocytes causes systolic disjunction in Hf. Systolic means when heart contracts it is termed a systolic and when it rest it is termed diastolic so here Reduction of Ca in myocytes reduced the heart contraction it is an another thing if Ca continue leaking it may cause to death. Electrical and electrochemical regulation of heart Conclusion After reading this attention-grabbing topic we can come up with the conclusion that heart is one of the biggest gifts of God given to humans. As nature has assign functions to every part of the body similarly nature has given special function to heart which makes heart extremely important organ it transmit blood to complete body parts. There are few electrical and electrochemical behavior found in heart which helps heart in performing its main function that is creating heart beats carrying impulses. In right atrium of heart sinoatrial node (SAN) is found which also works as pace maker these sinoatrial nodes are special cells found in right atrium they generate the electrical impulses which stimulates the right atrium cell and wait unless it get emptied after now these electrical impulses moves to the atrioventricular node (AVN) now these electrical impulses are send into branching tissues right bundle branch is called (RBBB) and left bundle branch is termed as (LBBB) first it functions in right atrium and ventricle and then in few seconds after performing its task in right part of heart it moves to the left part of the heart and functions in left atrium and then left ventricle this is how electrical impulses carry in heart and makes it empty and refill in couple of seconds. Adrenaline also plays very important role in this process here nervous system plays an important role it secreted adrenaline to it is chemical by nature and it is responsible for speeding up the sparks ( electrical impulses) per minute so in this way heart continue to work by electrically and electrochemically. The methods which has been found by the scientist to record these impulses is ECG electrocardiogram this is recent and helpful technique to check whether the heart is working normally or not in this method heart rhythms are noted on paper or screen by specially assigned electrode. Now a days artificial pace maker is also being made to control abnormalities of heart. Here in this important topic we also read about that what the lack of any element present of excess of any element or chemical can do with our heart. Nature has given quantity to everything increasing from that or decreasing from that spoils the entire system here we also read about the reduction in Ca, Ca is basic need of heart to continue it heart beats here we come to know that reduction in Ca is mainly caused by reduction in things which are supporting it in background, Ca reduction causes great loss to heart that is it decreases contraction rate of heart when the heart start contracting less than it is required entire system of body is effected because heart carries blood to all part of the body if heart starts working slow then blood also starts reduces and in this way all system are being effected that’s what makes one lazy and the major loss cause by this is the heart failure if it is continuously reducing than a time will come when heart will stop working and one meets his death. After reading this prolong article we come up with the conclusion that heart is not only one organ which is supporting all the functions infect heart is being supported by many internal plus many external features such these all things work together in a chain like system if one thing is effected the entire system got effected this chain which consist of Electrical impulses electrochemical impulses , heart , factors affecting heart , environment and many more things are involved this chain system is necessary for healthy life we should take care of our health for out better tomorrow.

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Dairy Industry Of Pakistan Marketing Essay

Dairy Industry Of Pakistan Marketing Essay The dairy industry of Pakistan is a very competitive industry and has huge potential. Unfortunately, dairy processors in Pakistan still have miles to cover before they can exploit full benefits of this industry. The milk production of the country has not been up to the mark and as a result the demand for dairy products outweighs the supply. Traditionally, people living in urban areas preferred to consume fresh milk delivered to their homes by Gawallas. However with the passage of time, as people became more and more health conscious there was a shift towards the consumption of UHT milk and its demand has been increasing ever since. In the UHT milk segment, firms like Nestle Pakistan Limited and Engro Foods Limited have emerged as leading market players. These firms with their bundle of financial resources have made huge investments in getting state of the art technology, manpower and strengthening their promotion efforts. Despite the fact that local dairy processing industries have b een able to match the quality standards of Nestle and Engro to a greater extent, these firms lack in their marketing efforts. Noon Pakistan Limited is one such firm which is being effected due to poor marketing efforts and has not been able to reap the benefits of the industry in which it operates. Noon Pakistan Limited is a venture of the Noon Family and has been marketing its products under the brand name of Nurpur. The firm enjoys market leadership in the category of butter. Initially when the firm launched its UHT milk the market response was good. However with the passage of time, the brand performance of Nurpur UHT milk has deteriorated due to mismanagement of marketing efforts. While management claims that they are able to sell whatever they produce, the market survey results prove that the prevailing performance of the brand has not been up to the mark. The firm relies on the selling concept which is a short term approach and little emphasis is being given to the concept of brand building. It is the need of the hour that Noon Pakistan Limited adopts a long term strategic approach if it wants to secure its position in the market for years to come. To study the issue being faced by Noon Pakistan Limited, a rigorous Literature review was conducted followed by interviews with employees of the firm, retailers and consumer surveys. Financial analysis and comparison with Nestle and Engro was done. Even though Noon Pakistan Limited does not match the financial strength of its competitors, there are many ways in which the firm can improve its position in the market. The first step in building strong brands is to ensure that the brand has a high salience. The brand should have top of the mind recall and recognition. Unfortunately the survey results analyzed using SPSS software proved that Nurpur milk is not the first brand which comes to the mind when a consumer wants to purchase UHT milk. Majority of the respondents could not even recall any advertisements of Nurpur milk. A major proportion of the respondents also highlighted the fact that Nurpur milk was occasionally short in the market. The results of the retailer interviews also prove that Noon Pakistan Limited has to improve its trade promotion schemes as majority of the retailers were not satisfied with current distribution practices of the company. The retailers highlighted the fact that the company should improve its promotion activities so that consumers start demanding Nurpur milk. Due to weak financial resources, Noon Pakistan Limited should utilize alternative strategies to maintain its position in the market. The firm needs to invest in consumer promotion activities like in store sampling and taste trials. The firm also needs to focus on its BTL activities in order to strengthen the perceptual positioning of the brand in consumer mind. The firm needs to revise its payment policies with retailers and start providing goods on a credit basis to those retailers who have a good reputation in the market. In short, Noon Pakistan Limited should revise its current practices and operations. The firm should let go its old concept of selling and instead focus on building the equity of its brands if it wants to strengthen its position in the market for the future. 2.INTRODUCTION The Noon Group The Noon Group of Companies is being managed by the Noon family. The group has qualified and experienced professionals. The Noon Group of Pakistan strives to improve its profitability and safeguard its stakeholders interest while maintaining highest quality standards and serving the community (About Us: Nurpur Foods, 2012). The Noon Group of Companies has various business ventures and Noon Pakistan Limited is one such profitable venture of the Group. Apart from Noon Pakistan Limited a brief description of the other business ventures are as follows:- 1. Noon Sugar Mills Limited This venture was incorporated in 1964 and manufactures white sugar. Initial crushing capacity was 1500 MT of sugarcane which has been increased to 4000 MT over the passage of time. In 1986 an alcohol distillery was setup to manufacture industrial alcohol. The total number of people employed is 683 and currently efforts are underway to increase the crushing capacity to 8000 MT/day (About Us: Nurpur Foods, 2012). 2. Pioneer Cement Limited Pioneer Cement Limited was incorporated in 1985 with a total investment of Rs.2660 million and production capacity of 630000 tons per annum. The plant is situated in Chenki, Khushab. The project was financed by a consortium of foreign lenders led by the Asian Development Bank. Efforts are underway for another line having a capacity of 6000 MT/day (About Us: Nurpur Foods, 2012). 3. Noon International Private Limited Noon International Private Limited is a trading company which was established in 1972. The company employs 43 people including a team of 15 professional sales engineers. This firm represents various international companies of repute in Pakistan and markets their equipment in the fields of textile, power generation, sugar, fertilizer, chemical, steel, cement, food and milling (About Us: Nurpur Foods, 2012). 4. Textile Technics Private Limited Incorporated in 2004 with a total investment of Rs 100 million, Textile Technics is a joint venture between M/S Blue Reed of Spain and Noon International Private Limited. The project has a production capacity of 22000 meters of reed per annum (About Us: Nurpur Foods, 2012). 5. Textile Services Textile Services was established in 1994 and provides services to over 200 customers of Sulzer Textile Projectile Weaving Machines. The company employs 32 people and provides training, technical service and spare parts for clients (About Us: Nurpur Foods, 2012). Noon Pakistan Limited Incorporated in 1966 with a total investment of 553 million, Noon Pakistan Limited produces various products namely Butter, Cheese, UHT milk, HCLF, Pasteurized milk, Flavored milk, Juices, Water, Desi ghee, Honey and Jam. Installed capacity of the plant is 72000 Liters/2 shifts and there are 700 employees. Noon Pakistan Limited has been marketing its products under the brand name of Nurpur. The plant is located in Bhalwal, Sargodha while the head office is situated in Lahore (About Us: Nurpur Foods, 2012). The company has not only built a strong reputation over the past years but has also been able to offer a strong product portfolio to its consumers. Noon Pakistan Limited believes in optimum utilization of resources in order to secure the interests of major stakeholders and fulfilling its obligation as a responsible corporate citizen by serving the community. The company also utilizes rigorous quality control procedures at all stages to ensure supply of quality products to consumers. This has allowed the firm to increase its turnover from Rs 311.7 million in 2004 to Rs 2436.41 million in 2011 (Company Profile: Nurpur Foods, 2012). The year 2011 was a challenging year for Noon Pakistan Limited. Energy Crisis, security situation coupled with devastating floods had exerted significant pressure on the economy and cost of living. Higher inflationary trends continued impacting their key products particularly related to fresh milk when shortages led to a cost increase of 16% compared to last year. Additionally, higher growth of their products led to severe filling capacity constraints and the market demand could not be met fully. Despite all these challenges, the management made serious efforts to achieve performance objectives by effective product mix, controlling fixed costs and locating new cheaper sources of raw material. Economic trends, prolonged gas and electricity outages, severe competition in selling brands and procurement of raw milk are not expected to ease out during the coming months. Due to reduced buying power, trend in the market is changing fast as consumers are looking for cheaper products in small packages. Therefore the management at Noon Pakistan Limited has made plans to reassess the market requirements and also further improve their production efficiency (Noon Pakistan Limited, 2011). Vision The vision statement of Noon Pakistan Limited is as follows:- Our vision at Nurpur is to be a transformative force in our community and world at large and to serve as a model of a sustainable business alternative that nurtures social and economic well being in an environmentally sensitive manner (Our Vision: Nurpur Foods, 2012). Mission The mission statement of Noon Pakistan Limited is as follows:- Nurpur is committed to supplying the consumer and customer with the finest, high quality products and to be a leading industry in healthy and nutritious products. Nurpur supports these goals with a corporate philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees, and social and environmental policies (Our Mission: Nurpur Foods, 2012). Core Values At Noon Pakistan Limited, consumers are at the forefront of everything they do. The core values of the company include the generation of Ideas that can be constantly challenged to develop next generation solutions, to conduct business openly and fairly while competing fiercely at the same time, to encourage teamwork with individual flairs, to set tough goals that can be challenged and beaten, to value preservation of the environment and ensure sustainability of organic agriculture, to value mutually supportive relationships among members of local and global communities (Core Values: Nurpur Foods, 2012). Awards and Certifications Noon Pakistan Limited has won many prestigious awards and certifications which are First dairy company in Pakistan to be certified under ISO 22000:2005, Brand of the year award (2006-07) in the category of Butter, Brand of the year award (2007-08) in category of Butter, Cheese and flavored milk and Brand of the year award (2008-09) in the category of Butter (Certifications: Nurpur Foods, 2012). Three years production snapshot PRODUCTION UNITS 2011 2010 2009 UHT Milk/Tea whitener Liters 30,940,079 20,385,290 16,246,333 UHT Flavored milk Liters 4,668,071 4,075,407 2,498,299 UHT Cream Liters 71,381 461,722 345,580 Butter Kilograms 986,335 1,011,925 862,622 Milk powder Kilograms 927,943 1,160,508 930,894 Cheese Kilograms 203,146 206,508 194,020 Ghee Kilograms 34,371 52,190 31,331 Pasteurized Milk Liters 4,911,778 2,663,294 1,806,733 Loose cream Liters 3,490 Jams and honey Kilograms 34,032 42,812 23,735 Juices Liters 4,421,399 10,341,160 10,402,443 Adapted from the Annual Report (Noon Pakistan Limited, 2011). The production snapshot over the years shows that the production of UHT milk/Tea whitener, UHT flavored milk and Pasteurized milk has increased from 2009-11 while the production of UHT cream, Butter, Milk Powder, Cheese, Ghee, Jams and Juices has decreased from 2009-11. Loose cream was discontinued in the year 2011. The focus of the firm remains on strengthening its position in the UHT milk segment. The Purchase Department To study the operations of the Purchase Department, two interviews were conducted with the Purchase Manager. The findings of the interviews have been utilized to describe the function of the Purchase Department. The purchase department is responsible for purchasing all materials required by the head office and plant other then milk which is purchased at the milk collection centre in Bhalwal. Materials which are purchased by the department range from ordinary items like office and plant stationary to complex materials like Flavors, Spare parts for plant equipment and transportation vehicles, Chemicals, Fuel and everything related to the manufacturing process, Logistics and day to day operations. Demand for requisition comes from the factory and approval has to be given by the Managing Director. The purchase department currently has 4-5 employees. The purchase department stays in coordination with the plant and suppliers through phone and email and as such no software is currently being used by the department. The department uses a manual system of keeping records and storing files. The purchase department always keeps 3 copies of requisitions and delivery challans. One copy is sent to the pla nt, one copy is maintained with the purchase department and one copy is kept by the Purchase Manager. The major suppliers of Noon Pakistan Limited are SMC, Sitara Chemicals , Jason Foods and Danisco. Everyone is involved in the purchase process including the General Manager, Purchase Manager and people from the plant. Payments to suppliers are made either on cash or credit through the head office. Credit terms depend on contacts and relations with suppliers and can range from 15 days up to a month. According to the Purchase Manager, Noon Pakistan Limited believes in maintaining healthy relations with Suppliers and this is one of the key strengths of the department. The primary reason given for this was that Juices and Milk factories in Pakistan have no second option since suppliers are limited and few. They have to purchase materials from the specified suppliers and bargaining power of suppliers is high in this regard. However if relations are good with suppliers not only do supplie rs cooperate but may also be lenient in terms of credit. In this regard price does not play a major issue but a greater issue is that of availability of materials from suppliers. The Purchase Manager also stated that in case of materials needed from local suppliers, the purchase department is given no time and purchase has to be made immediately. However when imported materials are required from foreign suppliers, the Purchase department is informed in advance as shipping takes time. There is no fixed pattern of purchases made throughout the year and it all depends on plant and market requirements. The quality of materials purchased is checked at the plant and if there are defects the merchandise is returned to the supplier. The Purchase Manager also stated that there is no HR department as such and the performance of the purchase department is monitored from the plant and by the Managing Director (Ashraf, 2012). DELIVERY CHALLAN Noon Pakistan Limited 1st Floor, Mustafa Centre, 45 F, Main Market, Gulberg Lahore Pakistan No._______ Date:_________ To, Manager, Noon Pakistan Limited, Bhalwal The following goods have been dispatched to you by Truck No_____________ SR# Description Qty. Amount Supplier Remarks Kindly Sign and Return Duplicate ____________________ _________________ Malik Mohammed Ashraf Bhalwal Store Source: Company Internal Documents NOON PAKISTAN LIMITED, BHALWAL DEMAND OF STORE TO BE PURCHASED DEMAND NO______ DATE____________ SR# Item Code Nomenclature Specification Name A/U Qty Required Stock in Hand Last Purchase Date Rate/Unit Amount Remarks ____________ _______________ Store Manager General Manager Source: Company Internal Documents The Marketing Department To study the operations of the Marketing Department of the firm, two interviews were conducted with the Marketing Manager. Marketing research activities are outsourced. The Marketing Department purchases monthly reports from different marketing research agencies like AC Nielson and Tetra Pak. In this way the marketing department stays in touch with the latest trends and competitor activities. The Marketing department comprises of one marketing manager and a brand manager. The Marketing Manager reports to the General Manager of Marketing and Sales while activities of the brand manager are monitored by the marketing manager. The brand manager is responsible for dealing with various agencies as all marketing research data and ATL as well as BTL activities are outsourced. Some of the agencies with which the marketing department works are SABB Marketing, Time and Space, Orient, HRK Communications, Aura Communications, TOPAZ Communications and ADZ Communications. These agencies prepare designs of print ads and commercials. The brand manager discusses the various designs with the Marketing Manager and after mak ing necessary amendments and recommendations approval is given to Marketing agencies. The Marketing Department does its planning in the beginning of the year in coordination with the Sales Department. A monthly, yearly and 5 year plan is made. The Marketing Department is consulted in all strategic decisions made at the corporate level. There is no fixed method for determining the budget allocated to the Marketing Department and it all depends on various factors like last years profitability and market performance of various brands available in the market. In 2012, three new brands by the name of Yogo Yogo, Dairy Rozana and Jalwa have been launched. The Marketing Strategy of Noon Pakistan Limited is Differentiation strategy. However the strategy to be adopted for each brand depends on the market performance and competitor activities. Since UHT milk is difficult to differentiate, the current strategy being adopted is to position it as a milk which is enriched with vitamins needed for healthy growth and development. The target market of UHT milk is Housewives and working females as well as males. Different SKUs are being used to target different Socio Economic Classes like the 1000ml pack is targeted for SEC-A while the 200ml and 250ml packs are targeted towards low income households. The main competitor brands of Nurpur Milk are Olpers, Milk Pak, Good Milk and Haleeb. The marketing department does not go for an offensive strategy because Nestle and Engro are huge giants with bundle of resources. Noon Pakistan Limited can be classified as an Analyzer because it is operating both in a stable and dynamic market. Another reason for not adopting an offensive strategy is that volumes are low. Importance is not given to gain shelf space because production volumes are so low and everything sells out due to high demand of UHT milk. Recently a new brand by the name of Dairy Rozana has been launched as a flanker brand to compete with the Dairy Omung of Engro. The main weak ness of the Marketing Department is that very little attention is being paid towards building brand equity. The department is focusing on increasing sales which is a short term approach rather than focusing on building their brands (Khan, 2012). Organizational Chart of the Marketing Department Source: Internal Company Documents The Brand Manager is responsible for dealing with various Marketing Agencies and reports to the Marketing Manager. The Marketing Manager reports to the General Manager of Sales and Marketing (Khan, 2012). The Sales Department Two interviews were conducted with the Sales Analyst of the firm to get insights regarding the operations of the Sales Department. The organizational structure of the Sales Department comprises of the General Manager of Sales and Marketing, National Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, Field Managers and Sales Officers. The job description of the Field Manager and Sales Officer is the same but position of Field Manager is superior because those Sales Officers whose performance is consistently outstanding are made Field Managers. Territories have been assigned according to location and comprises of Central Zone, Southern Punjab zone and Northern zone which includes RWL/AJK, Hazara belt and Pakhtoon.K belt. Distribution is limited in Quetta and Multan because of heavy freight expenses. The process of forecasting yearly sales is that last years closing sales are doubled and the amount is set as the Sales Target for the next year. Sales Quotas are assigned to Salesmen depending on the Area and potential of salesman. Other factors which are taken into account while assigning quotas are the seaso nality issue because milk production and its demand fluctuates throughout the year. There are more than 280 distributors all over the country and each Sales Officer has to monitor and look after three to four distributors. The Sales department also relies on individual projections from the Sales Team when deciding upon monthly and quarterly targets. If a salesman is unable to achieve his target in the specified time, he has to achieve both, the remaining target as well as the target allocated in the next period. If targets are continuously not being achieved the Salesman is fired. The salesmen who achieve targets are awarded with bonuses and cash rewards. In order to motivate the sales team, a sales competition is held and winner of Sales Man of the Year is rewarded. Besides having a Sales competition, vacation trips are also planned to motivate the Sales Team. If targets set in the year 2012 are met, the entire Sales Team will go on a vacation to Dubai on the companys expenses. Noo n Pakistan Limited has also started exporting its products to countries like England, Kenya and Afghanistan. The documentation process to export products involves the Performa Invoice, E-Form Attestation, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin and Analysis Report (Butt, 2012). Organizational Chart of Sales Department Source: Company Internal Documents Product Portfolio and Price List Product Packing Unit/Ctn Retailer Margin Trade Price Consumer Price 1.UHT Milk Ctns Units Ctns Units 1000ml 12 6.09% 1018 84.83 1080 90 200ml 24 4.35% 391 16.29 408 17 250ml 27 5.97% 586 21.7 621 23 2.Chai mix Ctns Units Ctns Units 250ml 27 6.38% 533 19.74 567 21 200ml 24 5.97% 385 16.04 408 17 3.Butter KGs Units KGs Units 200gm 30 8.00% 463 92.6 500 100 100gm 60 12.70% 488 48.8 550 55 50gm 120 13.20% 530 26.5 600 30 20gm 300 13.20% 530 10.6 600 12 10gm 600 13.20% 530 5.3 600 6 1Kg white 20 11.80% 8500 425 9500 475 4.Cheese Ctns Units Ctns Units 200gm cottage 42 9.10% 6930 165 7560 180 200gm slice 36 16.10% 5580 155 6480 180 225gm chedder 40 14.90% 5920 148 6800 170 225gm spicy 40 14.90% 5920 148 6800 170 225gm mozarella 40 14.60% 6980 174.5 8000 200 450gm chedder 20 13.40% 6880 344 7800 390 450gm mozarella 20 13.60% 8800 440 10000 500 1.8Kg mozarella 4 13.10% 5128 1282 5800 1450 1Kg slice 8 13.60% 5072 634 5760 720 1Kg slice (KFC) 8 13.60% 5072 634 5760 720 2Kg Chedder 4 12.10% 3924 981 4400 1100 5.Cream P/Tray Units P/Tray Units 250ml 27 4.20% 1200 44.44 1250 46.3 6.Pasteurized milk P/Tray Liters P/Tray Liters 1000ml 10 11.70% 600 60 670 67 500ml 20 13.30% 600 30 680 34 7.Flavored milk Ctns Units Ctns Units 250ml 12 13.30% 233 19.42 264 22 200ml 12 12.10% 214 17.83 240 20 8.Pure juices Ctns Units Ctns Units Apple 1000ml 12 6.10% 792 66 840 70 Guava 1000ml 12 6.10% 792 66 840 70 Orange 1000ml 12 7.10% 840 70 900 75 Pineapple 1000ml 12 6.10% 792 66 840 70 Mango 1000ml 12 6.10% 792 66 840 70 Apple 200ml 24 11.80% 322 13.42 360 15 Orange 200ml 24 11.80% 322 13.42 360 15 Mango 200ml 24 15.40% 312 13 360 15 9.Yogo yogo Ctns Units Ctns Units 200ml 12 8.70% 276 23 300 25 10.Desi Ghee Ctns Units Ctns Units 1Kg 6 7.50% 2232 372 2400 400 11.Jams 1.5Kg Units 1.5Kg Units Strawberry 15gm 600 14.30% 385 3.85 440 4.4 Apple 15gm 600 14.30% 385 3.85 440 4.4 Marmalade 15gm 600 14.30% 385 3.85 440 4.4 Honey 15gm 600 14.30% 385 3.85 440 4.4 12.Dairy Rozana 1.5Kg Units 1.5Kg Units 1000ml 12 6.12% 735 61.25 780 65 250ml 27 6.11% 458 16.96 486 18 13.JALWA Ctns Units Ctns Units 250ml 27 6.21% 483 17.89 513 19 200ml 24 5.88% 340 14.17 360 15 Source: Company Internal Documents Marketing Mix of Nurpur UHT milk Nurpur UHT milk has been positioned as a milk which is enriched with vitamins needed for healthy growth and development (Khan, 2012). The milk is packed in Tetra Aseptic Packaging which allows long lasting storage and shelf space. Currently three SKUs are available in the market which are 200ml, 250ml and 1000ml. Initially the pricing policy adopted for Nurpur milk was market penetration pricing, which means prices were low compared to competing brands. Recently the pricing policy has been changed and now the pricing policy is competitive pricing policy as shown :- Product Packing Unit/Ctn Retailer Margin Trade Price Consumer Price 1.UHT MILK Ctns Units Ctns Units 1000ml 12 6.09% 1018 84.83 1080 90 200ml 24 4.35% 391 16.29 408 17 250ml 27 5.97% 586 21.7 621 23 Source: Company Internal Documents Due to low volumes produced the company has adopted the policy of selective distribution. The company offers various discounts to retailers to push their products into the market (Khan, 2012). The indirect distribution channel being used is shown below:- Source: Company Internal Documents Due to limited marketing budgets, the marketing department has to promote most of the products through Below The Line(BTL) activitie

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Health Promotion Care: An analysis

Health Promotion Care: An analysis Health Promotion Care Module 2 Discussion Question Health promotion refers to the process of providing health care services to the public for increasing their awareness towards health education. Health promotion policy focuses on the prevention of health care problems in non-health care sectors and renders different ways to remove them. The health promotion techniques are based on different principles. The principles are: fundamental requirements of health, quality of life, fairness in health, building healthy policies for public health care, societal health care, educating for health improvement, making better life skills and effective community actions. The main aim of health care sector is to provide clinical and curative services to the communities for living healthy life (Marmot, 1996). Discussion and Analysis In Australia, there is a large population of aboriginal people and it is a colonized country. The government of Australia has implemented various health care policies for the improvement of health of people. But, the health of people does not improve with the divestment of health care promotion services. The aim of the government should be focused on continuously improving the health of the people, it should not be affected by the rational economic thought and health resource allocation. With the increasing expenditures in the health facilities, the public government is curbing many health care activities which in turn results in increasing malnutrition problems among the people. This can further result in increasing the death rate in the country and it will suffer from potential loss of people which can affect the productivity and growth of the country (Marmot, 1996). The government authorities should focus on improving the mental and physical health of the people. It should plan the health budget in such a way that gives maximum output with minimum expenditure but should not reduce the health care facilities for people. Government should appoint psychologists for understanding the mental state of the people. It should also pay attention towards health care facilities for children. It should introduce special child development programs and should have child care providers that increase immunization rates and create healthy child care environment (Louise Parker, 2008). The resource allocation for health care programs should be according to the health care requirements and also after a detailed cost benefit analysis. The government should have a strategic planning for introducing such health system programs. It is the responsibility of the government authorities to take care of public health and introduce plans and policies for their growth and development. There should be special health promotion plans for the deprived or disadvantaged people. Health promotion programs have reduced deaths due to circulatory diseases, unintentional accidents injuries, infectious diseases, and poisonings due to cancers. Australia is known for its health promotion programs and policies, so the government authorities should maintain the standards and continue such programs by maintaining a balance between the expenditure and benefits rather than divesting from the principles of health promotion. The programs should be well planned and implemented to avoid health promotion failures. The health promotion program should aim at healthy lifestyle with an evidence based wellness system. Government should introduce open information health program along with family centered health promotion plans (Louise Parker, 2008). Conclusion Thus, the concerned authorities should introduce health promotion programs which aim at the equal development of all the people and provide health facilities to children, adults as well as old people. It should also aim at multicultural health promotion programs to reduce cultural imbalances and inequalities and satisfy all people equally (Magnusson, 2008). References Marmot,M.(1996). The socialpattern of health and disease in blame. Health and social Organisation, London: Routledge, 42-70. Magnusson,R. (2008). Prevention is a good thing. Australia and New Zealand Health Policy. Sydney Law School Legal Studies Research Paper, 08 (57), 1. Louise, M Parker, E. (2008). Health Promotion: Principles and Practice in the Australian Context (2nd edition). Australia: Allen Unwin Publishers.

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Analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay -- To Kill a Moc

Analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee â€Å"To Kill a Mockingbird† by Harper Lee is a story of national magnitude that contains complex characters. Harper Lee deals with the emotions and spirits of the characters insightfully. A few of these characters display courage at one point or another in the story. These flashes of courage come during turbulent times of the story, and often led to success. Atticus Finch displayed courage on numerous occasions. Without his wife he had to raise Jem and Scout alone for most of their lives. Because he knew he had to set an example for his children to follow, Atticus tried never to let his emotions get the best of him. He stated on several occasions that he would not be able to tell his children one thing and do another. He believed in teaching by example, and his methods worked. Scout views her father as the bravest person she ever knew when he was cordial to Mrs. Dubose, despite her gibes. In front of the jail, Atticus was reading to Tom Robinson, a Negro he was defending in a rape case. The black versus white mentality was like a wildfire through almost all of Maycomb’s white residents during this case. As he was reading Atticus was approached by a group of men wanting to get at Tom. â€Å"’He in there, Mr. Finch?’ ‘He is and he’s asleep. Don’t wake him up.’ ‘You know what we want. Get aside from the door, Mr. Finch’ ‘You can turn around and go home again, Walter.’†(151) Atticus stood strong against an entire mob due to his strong values. He would not budge, even though he was outnumbered. His voice was cool and collected throughout the entire encounter, proving once more his courage. Atticus was also courageous when he aimed to defend Tom Robinson instead of just allowing the guilty verdict. â€Å"’Lemme tell you somethin’ now, Billy, you know the court appointed him to defend this nigger.’ ‘Yeah but Atticus aims to defend him. That’s what I don’t like about it.’†(163) In those times many lawyers did not attempt to defend black men against white men. They were biased against their own clients. But Atticus, however, would not do such a thing. He stuck to his beliefs and continued the trial even though he knew that he could never win with a biased jury. To use his own words for him, Atticus was licked before he began but he began anyway and saw it through to the end. Jem is another character that displays... ... his reading. Then an alarm clock would sound and Jem and Scout would be shooed away by Mrs. Dubose’s maid Jessie. â€Å"’Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict. She tood it as a pain-killer for years. The doctor put her on it. She’d have spent the rest of her life on it and died without much agony, but she was too contrary†¦She said she was going to leave this world beholden to nothing and nobody†¦She said she meant to break herself of it before she died, and that’s what she did†¦I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know your licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do. Mrs. Dubose won, all ninety-eight pounds of her. According to her views, she died beholden to nothing and nobody. She was the braves person I ever knew.†(112) Atticus would have made Jem read to her anyway just to realize how courageous she really was. Mrs. Dubose knew that she would be in great pain but stuck to her ideals and came out on top. She was very old and sickly yet still conquered her morphine addiction. As Atticus said, she possessed real courage.

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The Rash Romeo in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet Essay -- William Shake

The Rash Romeo in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo’s actions are rash throughout the play. For example, Romeo does not consider the consequences of his actions when he insists on marrying Juliet. Also, Romeo shows rashness when he kills Tybalt. Finally, Romeo is rash when he kills himself. Rashness is a quality that haunts Romeo throughout the play. One of Romeo’s acts that shows his rashness is his marrying Juliet. After Juliet says that she does not want to marry Romeo, he persists and says that he wants â€Å"Th’ exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine† (2.2.134). Romeo does not consider the consequences of their marriage. He simply wants his wish fulfilled. He is rash because he wants to rush into a marriage for which he is not ready. Romeo’s rashness persists throughout the play and leads to his downfall. Another example of Romeo’s rash personality is when he kills Tybalt. Romeo’s family is told that if they fight with the Capulet family, they will be killed. Tybalt of the Capulet family fights with Mercut...

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Organization transformation Essay

The need for a change is almost there on a daily basis in corporations. This is accentuated by particularly by the advent of new technology like the internet and new management methods and new technologies (Wallace, 2007). This brings in new ways of doing jobs within the company and thus the workers are affected. Companies which initially used to have the traditional organization model have increasingly adopted they are better and more efficient and modern transformed organizational models. An organization provides a mean of utilizing individual capabilities within a team to accomplish what cannot be achieved by the aggregate attempts of team members working in isolation. The aims of forming corporations and organizations are to deliver goods or services to consumers in a way that at the conclusion of the deal profits and not losses can be realized. Organizational change is geared at achieving this and thus winning the hearts and minds of the target population while concurrently bringing about a changed behavior and work culture to the partakers. In response to this Organizational transformation, roles, skills, job descriptions and structure of the workforce need to be re-designed. The Southwest Gas Corporation Such a company that has embraced organizational change from the traditional one to the modern organization transformation is the southern gas corporation of Nevada. Having realized that all organizations and corporations are unique due to unique environment in which they operate and their mode and ways of operations they should be structured to accommodate unique problems and opportunities Southwest Gas Corporation is a company engaged in the business of purchasing, distributing and transporting natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Nevada state of the southwestern United States. The Gas Corporation has employed about 2,500 workers who serve at least 1. 8million customers in Arizona, Nevada and parts of California states. The company is an investor owned utility whose shares are traded in the New York Stock Exchange and the pacific stock exchange (South West Gas Corporation, 2007). The company has been implementing a five year organizational transformation with an aim of offering better services to the customers and improving the quality of he workers. With respect to transformation certain areas should be prioritized for instance in redefining the business model, integrating acquisitions, building infrastructure, reframing markets and managing talents. The southern gas corporation has taken comprehensive plan to change from the traditional to the transformed organizational model studies done on this company indicated that a positive correlation between the working conditions and the productivity of the workers exists . the results of the studies revealed that innate forces of human behavior may have a greater influence on organizations than do mechanistic incentive systems. In response to that study southern gas corporation have done an almost complete overhaul in areas to do with transport, billing, the accounting system, meter reading systems and the whole organization structure of the company since 2002. Effects Having undergone the organizational change to a more better and modern one saw a number of transformations in the work force. Every member of the workforce was subjected to month long refreshment training as a way of crating a new working atmosphere and as a way of orientating them to the new working tools. The remuneration package was revised to increase the morale of the workers. On the part of the infrastructure the offices and other working areas were renovated. The total reorganization of the offices this was to cater for the psychological aspect of the workers The Organizations adopted a vertical division of labor practice involving the administrators then below them the managers and supervisors and lastly at the base we have the workers. The principal function of top level administrators or executives generally is to plan long-term strategy and administer the middle managers whose work is to guide the day to day activities of the corporations and oversee implementation of the top level strategy. Low-level supervisors and laborers put the made strategy into action and carry out the immediate tasks needed to keep the corporation running. Thus, the South west gas corporation has become a formal with reference to the extent of formalization of rules that have been adopted within the organization structure. In formal organizations, a mild impersonal relationship between the workers and the company is viewed as the best environment suitable for achievements of organization’s objectives by the managerial staff. Here subordinates duties more clearly defined and workforce with different applicable skills are dispensed duties to their areas of specialization in the corporation. It is the duties of workers at the bottom level to perform the essential duties of the corporation with supervisory assistance from the managers. Subordinate staff deals generally with supply and production chain of the corporation . The managerial needs of the whole business process is overseen by the higher cadre staff that includes the supervisors and the administrators. Two important implications into the change in the organization procedure there was equity due to just fair and impartial treatment of all workers, the organization was more orderly since employees were arranged where they would be of most value to the corporation. Initiative was fostered by encouraging the employees to act on their own. Similarly the employees cultivated more attributes and etiquettes (South West Gas Corporation, 2007). Motivation should come from different incentives rather than letting monetary rewards be the sole motivators. The spirit of comradeship among the workers fostered devotion to a common cause. The behavioral change by the managers that allowed greater latitudes stimulated the workers. In general, transformation made workers to become more productive. Having been provided with the best working conditions the workers employees have become capable of effective self-direction yielding self-actualization and this was among the biggest rewards that organizations has provided to its employees. Similar the shares of the southern gas company at the New York stock exchange gained value. Use of improved service delivery systems for instance the better gas safety management systems reduced the number of gas accident cases recorded prior to the five year period. Due to a liberalized approach towards the workers in the by the management they were able to create their labour organization to looks for their own interests, thus enhancing growth of the labour union organizations. This amounted to increase in vocal power of the workers to demand their rights. Conclusion In the world today organizations are operating in an increasingly complex platform. Changing multiple dimensions and high rates globalization trends and the implications of the post-industrial information age are driving these corporations to revolutinalize themselves (Wallace, 2007). The end product of this transformation is a successful company with competent work force. However, organizational transformation should not stop with the end of the project duration. During the benefit realizations stage of the lifecycle, emphasis should be continued on the need to encourage the workers and the community to adapt to the new ways of working and get the most from the system change.

China: Overpopulation

The Country of China accumulates over 1/5 the population of the world with a massive total of over 1. 3 billion people. Having an Immense population not only creates problems within the country, but also triggers some of the largest Issues our world has faced today. Although China has released a One-Child policy to slightly limit the population rate, problems are continuing to grow at a constant rate. The most powerful institution in the nation of China is the Communist Party of China, otherwise known as the CPA.They set goals and policy that the government hen sets in motion (Dreamer). The Chinese government is generally thought to be repressive, while freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, and press are not well respected (â€Å"China†). In 1979, the Chinese Communist leader Issued the One-Child Policy to limit the nation's population (Hardwood). There are also exceptions to China's One-Child Policy. For instance, the policy applies only to the Han, who make up about 92% of China's population. The Han are descendants of China's first great dynasty.However, rural couples are allowed to have a second child if the first one was a female (Dreamer). Many believe that this form of policy Is unfair and can disturb the cultures of Chinese families. Years ago, China was once concerned for having had too many people to support. As of today, the One-Child Policy causes the country to have too few children to support a rapidly aging country (Hardwood). Also, because males are more valuable than females traditionally, the female population declines. If the ratio of men increases over women, then the population will also decline too fast (Hardwood).Based on the July 2013 census, the population of China stands at about 1,349,585,838 and continues to grow (â€Å"One-Child Policy'). With several people living In urban areas. It is quite difficult for China's government to force its population controlling policies (Hardwood). Those who don't follow the policy are pena lized with heavy fines, destruction of home or possessions, political/physical harassment, and even loss of employment (â€Å"One-Child Policy†). Even with the policy, China's population still continues to grow at a rapid pace.Some estimates show that nearly 1 million more births occur than deaths every 5 weeks (â€Å"One-Child Policy'). These problems will only continue to expedite adversely If a resolution does not develop soon. There are several causes for the rapidly increasing population, but only a few present itself as the primary source. One of the main factors is the fact that China has a high birth rate and a low death rate. This is due to a lack of family planning, a high level of Infant mortality and increased sanitation.Some cultures also believe that It Is unacceptable to use contraception's (â€Å"China†). Other than the logical causes, there was also said to be an â€Å"Economic Project† which had Increased the population to spark China's econom y. According to sources, â€Å"in 1 978, China embarked on an economic project that liberated foreign trade and investment; encouraging the formation of rural and private businesses as an attempt to raise China's economy (Hardwood). This project ultimately led to people having more children as it was conducive to the economy.The problem of overpopulation and the One-Child Policy affect China In several unemployment are serious problems which continue to rise in China (â€Å"China†). The Chinese government neglected to protect its water, air, and land against pollution. Because of this, China is the world's second largest producer of the dangerous greenhouse gases (Dreamer). For the impacts from the policy, â€Å"Officials of China suggested that the immediate consequences of the policy shift would be relatively minor, although the government's own demographic estimates showed that upwards of 10 million couples will be affected† (â€Å"One-Child Policy').The average h ousehold size in China was also down to 3. 1 people, from 3. 44 in 2000. From an international standpoint, the One-Child Policy impacts the entire world by helping reduce the population. Although people around the world complained that the rule was extreme and unfair, the policy has, in some ways, been effective (Dreamer). With China having a mass number of people living in such packed places, several people tend to immigrate to other countries, which can likely cause other problems within those countries as well (Dreamer).Because China is the most populous country, China attracts several other multi-national companies to set up their businesses in areas holding the largest people. Examples of these companies include Coca Cola, Motorola and Volkswagen (Hardwood). Because several companies set up their businesses in a variety of locations, China is ranked number one for having the fasted growing economy (â€Å"Dreamer†). Solutions to improving the policy are slowly going into effect.After the policy, a system of benefits and penalties went into effect. Couples who signed the policy pledge were sometimes granted rewards including regular payments, easy access to healthcare, education, and even desired Job categories for both the parents and the child (â€Å"One-Child Policy'). In the past year, China's governing Communist Party released a document presenting policy changes in allowing couples to have an additional child if the mother or father was an only child (â€Å"One-Child Policy').Because f the fact that the policy changes suit most people throughout the nation, the country of China may be able to become stable in the future without disturbing too much of the culture (Hardwood). Although China has released a One-Child policy to slightly reduce the population, the changes they have made will allow the country to become stronger and more stabilized. Although the country of China still contains problems due to an immense population. The Communist Par ty of China is still in search for a greater solution to make their nation a better place for both China and the World.

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Cheating In Relationships Essay

Many people today have sought the cruel and unfair reasons for relationship problems and cheating. Philosophers of the past have analyzed various contributing factors such as flirting with others, not happy with one another anymore, too much time spent with the opposite sex, other is not sexually active with the other anymore, or one just doesn’t want to be in the relationship any longer but simply knows of no other way to get out. All of these are the causes of cheating in relationships. There is a quote that states â€Å"A relationship is not a test so why cheat?† This quotes says a lot. There are so many causes to cheating in relationships but why do it? Why should you let someone or something get in the way of your love life and your feelings for your loved one? If you truly love someone, other things or people won’t matter to you or catch your eye and make you develop feelings for them and lose your feelings for your partner. You should always think about the effects of cheating on your partner/spouse. The effects of cheating in a relationship can be very severe or could not mean anything at all to someone. Some effects of cheating cold result in suicide, violence, depression or maybe even death. To me, those effects are extremely severe and could be life-changing. I have heard many stories about a partner or spouse cheating on one another and it resulting in death of one or the other. Cheating is very harmful to people and should not be done in any way at all possible, not physically, emotionally or sexually. In the bible, cheating is defined as Adultery and it is illegal which I fully believe it should be illegal to this day. Now that you know the causes and the effects that cheating in relationships has on your partner, maybe you will think twice about doing it. Hopefully you won’t think about doing it all though. Just remember that there is a strong possibility that you could be putting someone’s life in danger because of the effect of cheating. Works Cited Williams, Lila Rankin. â€Å"â€Å"He cheated on me, I cheated on him back†: Mexican American and White adolescents’ perceptions of cheating in romantic relationships.† Phoenix, Arizona. Elsevier Ltd. 2011. Hickle, Kristine E. â€Å"â€Å"He cheated on me, I cheated on him back†: Mexican American and White adolescents’ perceptions of cheating in romantic relationships.† Phoenix, Arizona. Elsevier Ltd. 2011.